Airside Vehicle Identification Permit (AVIP)

The Airside Vehicle Identification Permit (AVIP) Program outlines the requirements that vehicles operating at the Greater Sudbury Airport must follow.

All vehicles must be registered with the Greater Sudbury Airport and have two specific decals prior to operating airside. The first decal identifies the vehicle as a Greater Sudbury Airport vehicle eligible to operate on the airfield. The second decal is the safety equipment inspection sticker that is placed on the top left corner of the large decal and expires annually in June.

Annual AVIP Application Process

AVIP Application

Submit your AVIP application through our online booking tool.

AVIP Appointment

Once your AVIP application has been submitted, you must book an AVIP inspection appointment online.

At the time of the scheduled appointment, the applicant takes the vehicle to the Combined Services Building, door # 4, located on the West side of the building where the applicant is met by an AVIP inspector.

An applicant who does not have access to the Combined Services Building proceeds to Gate 1 by the Employee Parking Lot and contacts Airport Operations at 705-693-2514, ext. 226. The applicant advises Airport Operations of the AVIP Inspection Appointment and Airport Operations will allow access through Gate 1.

Vehicle Identification Number

For registration of vehicles that have not previously been operated at the Greater Sudbury Airport, the Pass Permit Control Officer will assign a Vehicle Identification Number.

AVIP Vehicle Inspection

The purpose of the vehicle inspection is to verify that vehicles are equipped with the necessary equipment to operate safely on maneuvering surfaces. The inspection is not intended to assess the mechanical fitness of the vehicle for operation. Obvious issues, such as bald tires, may be marked as a deficiency to be corrected.

During the inspection, if the AVIP Inspector does not identify any deficiencies, the AVIP Inspector will place the AVIP decals on the front left corner of the vehicle.

Vehicle Safety Markings and Equipment Requirements

All vehicles operating on the aircraft maneuvering areas of the airport must be equipped with:

  • A beacon
  • Head Lamps
  • Tail Lamps
  • Vehicle Identification Number (not applicable to D/A vehicles)
  • A VHF Radio (not applicable to D/A vehicles)

More detailed information is available in the Airside Access and Airport Traffic Directives AVOP Manual.


Figure 1 – Vehicle with a Cab Required Safety Markings and Lighting


Figure 2 – Vehicle without a Cab Required Safety Markings and Lighting


Figure 3 – Vehicle Attachment Required Safety Marking and Lighting


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Only registered AVIP vehicles in good standing are permitted to drive airside at YSB.