Yo Yo Test Cricket – What is the Yo Yo Test in Cricket: BCCI introduced the test in 2017, which is a standard measurement of players’ condition.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), in a bid to check the fitness standards of all injured players ahead of the 15th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL), has introduced the ‘Yo Yo’ rule. Examination ‘ at the NCA in Bengaluru.

Yo Yo Test Cricket

Yo Yo Test Cricket

The skipper of Gujarat Titans (GT) and not playing since the 2021 T20 World Cup in the UAE, spinner Hardik Pandya, according to reports, won the Test by 17 runs.

Indian Cricketers With The Highest Score In Yo Yo Tests

Flamboyant batsman Prithvi Shaw, on the other hand, failed the Test. However, this will not hamper his role in the upcoming IPL as the 22-year-old is not considered a pick for any of the Indian teams at the moment.

The Yo Yo test is a functional exercise test where the athlete has to “switch” between two cones placed 20 meters apart. It must start on the beep and pass the previous cone before the second beep. The player then backs off, completing what is called a single ‘shuttle’ before the third beep, with a ten second recovery time between each shuttle.

With level 23 at the top, the player starts with 5 levels completed in one roll. Then 9th level (one shot), 11th level (two shots), 12th level (three shots), 13th level (four shots), and finally 8 shots each from level 14 onwards. Each shot covers a distance of 40 meters.

As a player progresses through each level, the time available to complete each round decreases, making it more difficult to achieve a leaderboard score.

Top 10 Cricketers With Highest Scores In Yo Yo Test

Currently the BCCI has set the fastest payout rate for its players to win the Yo Yo Test at 17:1. This means that it is mandatory for their players to finish the first shot on the 17th speed, which is a cumulative distance of 1,120 yards.

The player’s speed/level is recorded until the third warning. At the third and final warning, which occurs when the player does not complete the shot before the buzzer sounds, the test is over.

While the lowest ratio for India is 17:1, it is 17:4 for Pakistan, 19 for West Indies players and 20:1 for New Zealand.

Yo Yo Test Cricket

Even before completing his Master’s in English Journalism from IIMC, Gurpreet was convinced that Cricket should be the strength to be sane and confident in all matters of life. Hailing from Ranchi and representing Jharkhand at the under-14 level, he believes that the more you dig deeper and understand the essence of the sport, the more humble you become knowing that you know nothing! The YoYo Test is a modified version of the Beep Test or Lager Test, where a 10-second rest is included after each sprint before the athlete begins the next sprint.

Indian Players Who Were Dropped For Failing Yo Yo Test

Like many other fitness tests, it involves running at higher speeds until failure. However, the main difference is that the YoYo Intermittent test has a rest period, so it measures the intensity of the exercise.

Posting the BCCI review meeting on January 1, 2023, the BCCI confirmed that the Yo-Yo and Dexa Test will be one of the results.

In cricket, players cycle between walks while fielding, fielding behind the ball, fielding to the stumps and then resting for a few seconds before the next action occurs. This is why the Yo-Yo test is done with a 10-second rest.

With increasing speed, the two kilometer test must be done in 8 minutes and 15 seconds for the fastest athletes, and in 8 minutes and 30 seconds for the rest.

Pak Cricketers Who Have Beaten Virat Kohli In Yo Yo Test

The shuttle is an essential part of the YoYo test. The test is conducted using two cones placed 20 meters apart, roughly the length of a cricket pitch, except for the middle ground.

The player starts his journey from position A (as shown in the image above) at the first beep and must reach the cone at position B before the second beep. The player then turns around and starts walking back towards the cone at position A, which is the starting point, and must reach it before the third sound.

Basically, a shot is when a player passes 40 meters between two cones located 20 meters apart, up and down, within three beeps. As the level increases, the time between beeps decreases. That is, an individual has to run slowly for a full 40 meters to clear the level.

Yo Yo Test Cricket

The 40 meter distance of each shot is collected in different levels gradually throughout the yo-yo test.

What Are The New Dexa Scan Tests That Will Determine Indian Cricketers’ Fitness Levels?

The features of the 4 versions are similar. Before the start of the test, the runners line up in position A, facing position B.

After a predetermined number of cycles in the speed level (which is different for each version of the test), the speed level is changed. This is usually indicated by two beeps or possibly an audible tone. Speed ​​is required at a new level of speed.

YoYo Scoring Methods generally fall into two categories. Here are the details on how to do the YoYo Exam:

Process “terminology” – for example, if a player scores 17.1, the player will report “completed 1 music at level 17”.

Yo Yo Test Explained: What Is The Fitness Measure Made Compulsory By Bcci For Selection

The YoYo IR1 seems to be the most popular test, especially in some games as it is believed to be the best indicator of a player’s flight ability.

The YoYo IR2 test is commonly used to evaluate elite level athletes, primarily to determine an athlete’s aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

Danish soccer expert Dr. Jens Bangsbo introduced the Periodic Recovery Test (Yo-Yo test) in the 1990s. First, the test was performed on soccer players to increase their overall health and flight ability.

Yo Yo Test Cricket

The show, however, did not follow the template of a long career run. Over time, other sports began to participate in the Yo-Yo test.

Yo Yo Test And Dexa To Be Part Of Selection Criteria As BCCI Increases Focus On Player Fitness

Former Indian cricket coach Shankar Basu introduced the Yo-Yo test to the country in 2017 ahead of India’s tour of Sri Lanka. Life • 1ST TEST • Birmingham ENG 393/8d & 273 AUS (48 overs, T: 281 ) 386 & 150/ 5 Day 5 – Session 2: Australia need runs 131 Schedule Series Report

RESULTS • Match 5 Pool A • CWC Qualifiers • ODIs • Harare NED 315/6 ZIM (40.5/50 ov, T: 316) 319/4 Zimbabwe by 6 wickets (55 balls remaining) Table Video Schedule

RESULTS • Match 6 Pool A • CWC Qualifiers • ODIs • Harare USA 207 NEPAL (43/50 ov, T: 208) 211/4 Nepal 6 wickets (42 balls left) Table Video Schedule

Skip • EXAMINATION 2 • Colombo (PSS) SL-A 290 SA-A (80 ob) 287/6 Day 2 – SA Route 3. Schedule

What Is Yo Yo Test? All You Need To Know

RESULTS • Final • PRO-3 Days • Nangarhar MAR 335 & 264 AMOR (T: 345) 255 & 153 Mis-Aina won by 191 runs Table List.

RESULTS • Semifinals • ACC Breakout • Mong Kok BAN-W (9/9 ob) 59/7 PA-AW (9/9 ov, T:60) 53/4 BAN-A WMN wins by 6 points Table Table Series

ABANDONED • Semi Final 1 • ACC Breakout • Mong Kok IN-AW SL-AW Match Abandoned Match Table

Yo Yo Test Cricket

Live • Match 10 • TNPL • Dindigul NRK (10.1/20 ob) 55/5 TT Tiruppur chose to field. Table video list

Nagraj Gollapudi On How The Yo Yo Test Became A Selection Standard For International Teams

Today, 17:30 • Northern Group • The Ultimate Blast • T20 • Leeds Yorkshire Northamptonshire match starts in 2 hours 42 minutes.

Today, 17:30 • South Group • Big Bang • T20 • Oval Surrey Glamorgan match starts in 2 hours 42 minutes.

Today, 16:30 • Northern Group • The Ultimate Blast • T20 • Worcester Worcestershire Lancashire match starts at 1h 42 min.

Today, 17:30 • Northern Group • The Ultimate Blast • T20 • Chester-le-Street Durham Birmingham The match starts at 14:42.

Why The Yo Yo Test Is Important: A Fitness Exam Used To Select Team

Today, 18:00 • South Group • Vitality Blast • T20 • Hove Sussex Kent match starts in 3 hours 12 minutes.

Today, 17:30 • South Group • Vital Blast • T20 • Bristol Gloucestershire Hampshire match starts in 2 hours 42 minutes.

Today, 17:30 • Team North • Big Bang • T20 • Leicester Leicestershire Nottinghamshire match starts at 2h 42 min.

Yo Yo Test Cricket

It is no longer 16:1. The yo-yo test ratio of Indian cricket fans has risen to 17:1. Also, BCCI has added a new fitness standard – run the two kilometer test, which is the global fitness standard used today. international cricket teams.Cricket. It is understood that the players have the option of opting for the yo-yo test or the time trial, but the BCCI has made a rule to eliminate one of the two fitness tests. Both are part of the BCCI for promotion. Training standards of Indian players and bringing them closer to world standards. It is understood that the BCCI has finalized new playback standards in respect of the National Cricket Academy viz.

What Is Yoyo Test In Cricket?