Women Cricket – In one of the warm-up matches ahead of the Women’s Cricket World Cup, India’s Smriti Mandhana was hit on the head by a ball while batting. Mandhana was examined by the team doctor and was cleared to continue, and was rested shortly after, following a consultation.

According to the report of the International Cricket Council (ICC), there was no shooting in this case, but hitting the head at high speed is illegal. A few days earlier, Ishan Kishan was hit on the head by a bouncer while playing for India against Sri Lanka. Kishana was taken to the hospital before being released, because he is being monitored.

Women Cricket

Women Cricket

Although these events did not die, all the injuries in the head of the sport at that time raised the memory of the Australian debater Phil Hughes. The veteran died in 2014 during a local game after being hit by a fastball that hit him below his left ear, an area that, at the time, was not protected by the the usual hood.

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Although the rules have changed over the years – the number of bouncers (short deliveries) a bowler can take is limited, concussion pads have been introduced and equipment and knowledge have improved. – the pain and questions stop. Even in the last Ashes series between England and Australia, two players were hit on the head (which can be seen in the Tweet below).

Since Hughes’ death, the ICC has revised the safety requirements for new helmets, which are a significant improvement over the heavy and cumbersome design of 40 years ago. They are light and can absorb the force of the ball by changing the impact. However, with the speed and contention of the television that is included in the game, the development of security equipment must continue.

Yashivan Govender works at Mantodea Tech, an international research and development company based in Bavaria that focuses on wearable devices and intelligent software. This work includes the research and monitoring of head injuries in cricket, including technology, such as helmets, that help prevent injuries.

Govender believes that head protection technology in cricket will soon improve, not only for new activities but also because of the current helmets that provide protection to players.

Women’s World Cup

“Players often compromise their defense by taking their eyes off the ball when making a short delivery because this exposes the unprotected head area. by the shell of the helmet, visor, grill or guard of the neck,” he explained.

“Examples include curling under the bouncer or twisting the head to avoid hitting the ball directly, rather than using the bat as a shield.

“Since Steven Smith’s injury in 2019, cricket has not progressed much,” Govender continued, referring to Australian bowler Steve Smith’s concussion after the ball. on his head.

Women Cricket

Govender also has ideas, such as better ventilated helmets, custom-made visors and effective solutions for using a single helmet, but said the potential problems could be problematic.

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Although safety is the main focus here, performance is also important. With Puma’s support, Govender and his team hope to find better technology to transform helmets into “functional equipment and not just safety equipment.”

In The British Medical Journal, a weekly peer-reviewed medical publication, a paper was published in December 2021 that investigated the types of sports equipment and performance after hitting the helmet in elite cricket. The authors O’Halloran, Goggins and Peirce found that a hit with a helmet that does not cause a concussion has a greater impact on hitting performance up to three months after the impact. .

Professor Dr. Ali Irani, aphysio for the Indian men’s team for 10 years, remembers several times he bled from a broken nose when the ball crawled between the visor and the helmet. Now, he thinks it’s possible.

“There is enough room for new technologies for lighter and more productive helmets,” Irani said. “The box [the hard plastic cup that protects the part] is 100 years old. The helmet came 20 years ago,” Irani said with a smile. “That tells you something.”

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Irani was a bit of a bummer in his day – helmets were introduced in the late 1970s, in response to the West Indies’ rapid hunger strike at the time. But he meant the important things. Helmet recovery or recovery is an important consideration after an accident.

Steve Turnock, CEO of equipment manufacturer County Cricket, believes the design of the ball plays a role.

“The best ball is five corks and wool rolled into a small center.

Women Cricket

The inside of the cricket ball has changed over the years – new on top, old on the bottom Photo: Steve Turnock

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“There was a standard British test for the ball but it was stopped because nobody seemed to be doing it when the first team stopped.

In the ICC manual, the only reference to the ball is its weight and size. For the Women’s World Cup, the ball must weigh less than 4.94 ounces (140 g) and more than 5.31 ounces (151 g). For 20 World Cup games, it is between 5.5 ounces (155.9 g) and 5.75 ounces (163 g). Nothing counts about what’s inside the ball.

The only hope is that the only thing that matters in this month’s New Zealand tournament is the boundary and not the header. However, it is clear that cricket has a different mindset to adopt when it comes to defence. 2010 was an eventful season for women’s cricket: there were 1,237 international teams, compared to just 486 the previous year, and 1,455 players started. for their country compared to 662 in 2000. Due to the increase in participation, the number of competitions and the amount of money awarded also increased. There are seven international cups and this includes two first-class T20 franchises (although some have been cancelled). Currently, the top nine international clubs offer international contracts to their players.

Women’s cricket has grown in popularity in recent years and has many top international players, such as Ellyse Perry, Meg Lanning, Alyssa Healy, Sana Mir, Harmanpreet Kaur, Suzie Bates, Sophie Devine , Deandra Dottin, Stefanie Taylor, Anisa Mohammed. , Sarah. Taylor, Katherine Brunt and Shabnim Ismail became international stars.

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Who are the stars of the future? 2020 begins with the end of the T20 World Cup and (as far as the future of our own species is concerned) it looks set to be the sport’s best decade yet.

As part of our top 20 men’s list for 2020, we asked players, coaches and speakers from the women’s game to weigh in on today’s exciting young talent. Sana Mir, Suzie Bates, Merissa Aguilleira, Shashikala Siriwardene, Laura Marsh, Reema Malhotra, Leah Poulton, Dinesha Devnarain, Sydney Thunder coach Trevor Griffin, who coached the KSL and worked with England, and Ben Sawyer, Sydney. Sixers work with our staff on wellness. Since there are more female players than male players, we have decided to set an age limit before the game player limit – they must be under 22 years old before December 31, 2019 .custom orders.

India won the last T20 World Cup earlier this year without their batsmen scoring for half a century, such was Verma’s struggle in the top order. Coming into the 2019 Women’s T20 Challenge, her swashbuckling game is unlike anything the world has seen from an Indian batsman. She made her international debut at the age of 15, becoming the youngest Indian woman to play T20I cricket and the youngest Indian man to complete half a century. He briefly rose to the T20I ranks in the 2020 T20 World Cup, his first international tournament, and finished as India’s top run-scorer, with an average of best team score. – Annesha Ghosh

Women Cricket

My hero: “Sachin Tendulkar. My family loves him and I grew up in an environment where my family talks a lot about Sachin sir.”

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Biggest Wish: “Keep doing good for India, so I can win more games for our country.”

Favorite match: “My first World Cup – my T20 World Cup match against Australia in February in Sydney.”

Eyewitnesses: “At a young age, Shafali showed signs of being a