Who Is Cricket Year – MUMBAI, April 22 (IANS) Some people are born great. some achieve greatness and some have greatness in them. William Shakespeare wrote in his play The Twelfth Night.

The best British playwrights mean that some people are born brilliant and don’t have to work for it. Others had to work hard and find greatness while the third group consisted of those who were blessed by fate and became great in an extraordinary way.

Who Is Cricket God

Who Is Cricket God

But there is another type that is born in a big way. but cultivating their immense abilities. and their hard work has increased their greatness with all their hard work. and became the greatest of them all. They then crossed that stage and became Demigods.

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Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar falls into this category – born with an abundance of talent. He cultivated it through hard work and through the full use of his talent and sweat. He thus earned the nickname ‘God of Cricket’.

As the greatest cricketer celebrated his 50th birthday on April 24th, the world revered him as the living god of cricket. Not counting in all forms of cricket. And set a standard that only people who are smarter, work harder and luckier than him.

Born on 24 April 1973 are Marathi poets, novelists and writers Ramesh Tendulkar and Rajni who work in the insurance industry. Sachin Tendulkar can be anything. that middle-class children dream of becoming.

Instead, he became a cricketer because his older brother Ajit discovered his talent for the game and took him to train with Ramakant Achrekar, his guru, guide and mentor. He raises Sachin, a mischievous boy who is a bully who regularly fights at school. and made him a demigod of Indian sports. which is the greatest athlete the country has ever seen.

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The world first saw his talent in 1988 when he and Vinod Kambli worked together for 664 consecutive runs for Sharadashram Vidyamandir School in the Harris Shield vs. St. Xavier school match. 325 in that match.

But that didn’t make him the greatest cricketer of his time, Vinod Kambli scored more in the partnership. Therefore, by definition should have won as much as Tendulkar did, but that didn’t happen. Kambli’s cricket career was exciting but short.

It is unclear who first used the term God of Cricket to describe him. But that honor sticks to him like the skin on his short frame with fellow cricketers like Virender Sehwag, Harbhajan Singh, Yuvraj Singh and Virat Kohli on numerous occasions to refer to it.

Who Is Cricket God

The sheer number of runs, stats and achievements are unmatched. He is the only cricketer to score over 30,000 runs at the game’s highest level.

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In a 24-year international career, Tendulkar scored 34, 357 for India in all formations. He was the highest running sprinter in Test cricket. by accumulating 15,921 runs in the test and holds the record for most Test centuries (51) and most Test matches played (200). Reaching 15,000 Test Cycles

A pioneer in the short version of the game. The ex-India captain has played the most ODIs (463), scored the most ODIs (18, 426) and played the most ODIs in cricket centuries (49).

He was the first cricketer to score two centuries in ODI cricket, scoring 200 unbeaten against South Africa in an ODI at Gwalior on 24 February 2010. He was one of the first cricketers to score two centuries in ODI cricket. Few have played in six World Cups. He received the most prestigious award. A place in ODI cricket in 2011 at his home ground at Wankhede Stadium.

In 2010, Sachin Tendulkar was proclaimed by Wisden as the greatest cricketer of all time. and was honored with the title of Wisden Cricketer of the Year in 2002 – at the age of 29, becoming India’s youngest and fifth receiver. In September 2007, he was named by the ICC as one of five cricketers to be inducted into the 2008 ICC Hall of Fame.

Know How Sachin Tendulkar Became The God Of Cricket

In 2012, Tenendulkar was voted by cricket fans as one of their 24 favorite players of the last 50 years, along with Sir Donald Bradman and To Sir Garfield Sobers and Shane Warne, the Government of India presented the Arjuna Award, Khel Ratna Award, Padma Vibhushan and Bharat Ratna the first athletes to receive the highest civilian award awarded by the Government of India.

He is the most successful batsman in the history of cricket, scoring more runs and winning more than any other batsman in centuries of Test and ODI. GAME GIVES

But it’s more than runs, stats and success on the court. What made Tendulkar a legend was his sheer perseverance as he overcame career-threatening injuries. Moments of out-of-form, tragedies such as the death of his father during the 1999 World Cup in England, the depression over the 2007 World Cup failure and questions about his unsuccessful captaincy. Many question his status as the greatest cricketer of all time. Because he failed to lead India to victory in the World Cup. and failed to score goals for India in the most needed time.

Who Is Cricket God

Despite all this, Tendulkar has inspired generations of Indian cricketers and remains the one that young players look up to. He never lost his cool on the court and always let his bat do the talking. Tendulkar has not been involved in scandals both on and off the field. There has been some controversy, but he has been trying to be a sports icon throughout his career and has had some success in that regard.

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His greatest achievement was that he was the greatest hope for billions of Indians during his playing time. And he continues to be an inspiration to many because of his humanitarian work.

Tendulkar has always been a good role model for young people. and always maintain a high level of integrity both on and off the field. He is someone who always inspires others with his performances and attitude towards the game.

His overall personality made him the greatest cricketer of all time. And for many people, God of Cricket may not be the most popular sport in the world. But it resonates in the hearts and minds of the billions of Indians who have passionately followed the game. It is often said that cricket is a religion in India. Players are treated like demigods as they give India billions of reasons to smile at their performances on the pitch. However, there is one player who always stands head above the others: Sachin Tendulkar. who is considered the god of cricket in India

With a career spanning nearly 24 years, Tendulkar has become synonymous with gaming in India. He was the best cricketer the world had ever seen and was widely praised for the consistency of his playing career. It is appropriate for the Indians to call him However, following his retirement, fans are left wondering who the new god of cricket will be. cricket

Reasons Why Sachin Tendulkar Is The ‘God Of Cricket’

Sachin scored nearly 35,000 international runs. and played over 450 ODIs and 200 Tests over his playing career. Although it is impossible for players to create such statistics. But many cricketers have made a similar impact on the game of cricket. There are many cricketers that cricket fans call the new god of cricket such as MS Dhoni, AB De Villiers, Virat Kohli and the list goes on…

If we look at the statistics consistency And the impact of every player after Sachin Virat Kohli comes closest to the name of India’s new god of cricket. Kohli considers Tendulkar the man he looked up to in his formative years. May break some of Sachin’s records before he abandoned international sport. as a batsman Virat has been incredibly successful in his career, however, failing to win an ICC trophy as captain so far is the only achievement he needs as a cricketer.

Virat Kohli enters the scene with a lot of potential. And many expected him to reach the top of the game. Kohli’s potential as the new god of cricket was evident at the 2008 Under-19 World Cup. able to attract media and fans like no other His performances on the pitch were also greatly increased. Immediately after the U19 World Cup, Kohli made appearances in the ODI internationals.

Who Is Cricket God