Virat Kohli debut in international cricket – Results 1st Test Birmingham ENG 393/8d & 273 AUS(T:281) 386 & 282/8 Australia won by 2 wickets Series Report

Results • 5th Match, Group A • CWC Qualifiers • ODI • Harare NED 315/6 ZIM(40.5/50 ov, T:316) 319/4 Zimbabwe won by 6 wickets (55 balls remaining) Table Table Series Report

Virat Kohli Debut In International Cricket

Virat Kohli Debut In International Cricket

Results • Match 6, Group A • CWC Qualifiers • ODI • Harare USA 207 NEPAL(43/50 ov, T:208) 211/4 Nepal won by 6 wickets (42 balls to go) Table Table Set Report

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Results • North Group • Vitality Blast • T20 • Leeds NHNTS 180/6 YORKS(15.2/20 ov, T:181) 102 Northants won by 78 points from the table

Results • Southern Group • Vitality Blast • T20 • Oval SURR 238/5 GLAM(20 ov, T:239) 157/8 Surrey won by 81 runs Table Table

Results • Group North • Vitality Blast • T20 • Worcester LANCS 164/8 WORCS(17.4/20 ov, T:165) 165/3 WORCS won by 7 wickets (14 balls to go) Table Table Series Report


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Results • Southern Group • Vitality Blast • T20 • Bristol Hunt 158/7 GLOUC(8.1/9 ov, T:84) 85/2 Gloucs won by 8 wickets (5 balls to spare) (D/L Method) Table Table Series Report

Results • Group North • Vitality Blast • T20 • Leicester NOTTS 165/8 LEICS(20 ov, T:166) 143/8 Notts won by 22 runs Table Series Report

Virat Kohli Debut In International Cricket

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Result • 10th Match • TNPL • Dindigul NRK 124 TT(18.2/20 ov, T:125) 128/3 Tiruppur won by 7 wickets (10 balls left) Video Table Series

Stumps  • 2nd Informal Test  •  Colombo (PSS) SL-A 290 SA-A(80 ov) 287/6 Day 2 – SA A runs 3 overs. table set


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Virat Kohli Debut In International Cricket

After scoring 4 in first Test: “It’s disappointing when you prepare well and don’t score runs” Associated Press

Six: Virat Kohli Dances and Delivers

What has been the experience with the long format so far? It was a good learning experience for me. I have not seen any Test match with the team before. Just one day with a break of two days and immediately entered the IPL, and I have only one practice session with the team, and immediately into Test cricket. It makes a huge difference, because the longer you are in the team – in the side – and the more you see senior players playing and performing in different situations, the more you will get a true idea of ​​Test cricket. In a way that is good for me. Because this is not the end of the world for me. I’m really glad I taught this way instead of sitting on the sidelines. I understand what kind of mindset you have to have in Test cricket. A lot of people are surprised that you didn’t get off to a great start in Test cricket. When I was younger, initially when I started playing one day, I didn’t think that I would have to create such an image that whenever I came out to bat, people would expect me to score. My goal is just to go out, play every match and try to do my best. It remains the same. People’s reactions change over time, because they expect a lot from you, and when you don’t do well, they get disappointed, and they say all kinds of things. And that’s why they want you to do well. This is because they see that you can be the future cricketer of India. It’s also frustrating from a player’s point of view, but it’s part of everyone’s career. it happened This phase happened to me last year in Dambulla, where I did not score many runs in seven innings. I also prepared well, batted well in the nets, made the ball well outside the off-stump, but in this match I went out fishing. It’s disappointing when you prepare well and you don’t score runs. From then on, I learned not to be hard on myself. I know the race will come if I keep working hard. You cannot score in every inning or every series. It’s all about focus, it’s about doing the same thing you do and not being too desperate to perform and putting yourself under pressure. If you do well in one period, a [poor] period makes you feel bad. This phase is good for me. Are you surprised by the problems you have with short hair in test kits? You have not shown weakness in ODI cricket. If you play the ball short in a match, people start thinking that you don’t play it well. I don’t think I was bounced in an ODI in the last year of international cricket. Even the best bowlers can have trouble with a good spell if some bowlers hit 90 kmph. International Cricket Test is about to happen. It’s about taking it positively. Bowling is also traditional, bowling, bowling, short spell, virtue. [Fidel Edwards] bowled really well. Weird hair that you often misunderstand. But you can see it happening with the best batsmen. You don’t get to hit every short ball; They leave a lot, while you can get the top edge and get the border. I’m not worried about playing the short ball, because I know that when I go out to hit the ball, my mindset is pretty good. Does the fact that you play cricket stop you against the short ball? You can say that. I’m not sure what mindset you should have when you go into a Test match. So I was probably very defensive when I played my first match. One day short ball in cricket, I never thought that there is only defense. When you start thinking about going out and defending short balls, that’s when you have a problem. If you are looking to play a short ball and find a score out of it, then you might as well skip it. Which I did in the other two games [one day], because my intention was to run away from it, and I played the short ball really well. You may have a short hair, but that doesn’t mean you are weak against it. Every batsman in the world is out one by one. It’s all about entering the next game and if he cuts it short again, you try to hit it on the ropes and just say to yourself: it’s a mistake of the last decision. You can decide when the batsman is not playing. Good short ball: When someone short balls you for a while and the ball that is pitched, you go back to it. But that didn’t happen to me in Jamaica. I went forward a lot and defended the ball as it came to me. It’s just a mental change that I became very defensive in the first game. Do you think you missed a good chance to score in the next two tests? I am really disappointed. The way I got out in a couple of matches – got caught in the leg, which you got too. But I don’t want to be too hard on myself. It’s just a matter of things going my way. I know I hit well. Even in this innings [in Dominica] I got to 30 and was caught on the leg side. One innings can turn things around for you. I’m working hard for it, but I don’t want to be too disappointed. It is my personal decision to stand up and say that cricket is my life, I don’t need to do anything else. Cricket, I don’t want people to say that he is one of the talented players and can play for India” has played more than 50 ODIs, and the world.