Most Catches In International Cricket – Yes, it’s true that Matches have been won! A missed catch can cost the team the game. On the other hand, a great trap to chase a baiter can win a game in a game. But catching the ball is not as easy as the bowlers make it out to be. It requires a lot of concentration, play and concentration. Over the years, many farmers have had success in removing eye color. These are the people that every football player would love to have in his side. Here is the list of players with most catches in ODIs…

The Wall of Indian Cricket, Rahul Dravid is one of the most prolific cricketers. Apart from the occasional wicket, Dravid stood out from the pack. But supervisor training helped develop strong hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes. He caught 124 in 344 matches. Apart from this, Dravid also took 72 wickets. He is twelfth in the list of cricketers with most ODI wickets. Hits: 344 Catches: 124 Most Hits in One Game: 4 Catches in One Innings: .460

Most Catches In International Cricket

Most Catches In International Cricket

Apart from his bowling and bowling skills, Shahid Afridi is also a good sportsman. The former Pakistan captain has caught 127 out of 398 matches. In 2018, he quit the PSL. The catch highlighted Afridi’s hard work for Feilding. Incidentally, he is also among the list of 12 batsmen with most sixes in cricket. — Broadcast — Games: 398 Catches: 127 Most Hits in a Game: 2 Catches per Innings: .323

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From New Zealand Archives New Zealand – Allan Border (cricketer) – Victoria University of Wellington – 1986, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Allan Border is an aggressive left-arm batsman and part-time bowler. The former Australian captain is a good batsman in the slips, especially the third and fifth wides. In 273 ODIs, the Australians have caught 127. Border credited his time at Mosman Baseball Club, where he played three years in the seniors, for developing the field. — Broadcast — Games: 273 Catches: 127 Most Hits in a Game: 3 Batting Status: Catches Per Innings: .407

Apart from the wrist, Muttaihah Murlidharan is a good fielder. The former Sri Lankan has caught 130 in 350 ODIs. Murlidharan and Mahela Jawardhane also hold unique records in history for being the best bowlers and runners in the field. Games: 350 Hits: 130 Most Hits in a Game: 3 Hits: .374

Pakistan’s former captain and middle-order pacer Younis Khan is also a good player. Younis Khan took 130 wickets in 254 matches to reach the 8th position in the list of highest wicket takers in ODIs. He is also the first and only Pakistani cricketer to take 100 catches in Test cricket. — Broadcast — Games: 265 Catches: 130 Most Hits in a Game: 4 Batting Status:  Hits per Innings: .505

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Jacques Kallis, former South African and now Kolkata Knight Riders, is known for his traditional style of bowling, fast bowling and bowling. Kallis has taken 131 in 323 ODIs for South Africa. He is also the second wicket keeper after Rahul Dravid to take 200 wickets in Tests. History: 328 Catches: 131 Most Catches in a Game: 3 Hitting Rate: Pitches Per Innings: 0.404 Read More | Top 10 Players with Centuries in Cricket

The first of New Zealand’s two highest wicket takers in ODIs, Stephan Fleming, is a great bowler. He has taken 133 in 280 games for the Kiwis. He also holds the record for most catches in 1997 after striking out 28 in 1997. Hits: 280 Catches: 133 Most Hits in a Game: 4 Batting Status: Catches in an Innings: .481

Former New Zealand captain Ross Taylor is the 5th highest wicket taker in ODIs. Ross Taylor has caught 137 in 228 matches for the Kiwis in ODIs. Taylor is the second New Zealand player to do so in the list of most catches in ODIs. Games: 228 Catches: 137 Most Hits Per Game: 4 Catches Per Innings: 0.611

Most Catches In International Cricket

Another Indian among the bowlers who have had a lot in ODIs is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Sachin’s batting prowess has at times overshadowed his ability as a successful batsman. However, he is not the one who likes the garden the most. The “God of Cricket” admitted that boxing was “a form of torture” for him. In 463 ODIs, Sachin has taken 140. — Advertisement — Matches: 463 Catches: 140 Most Earned in a Match: 4 Catches per Innings: .307

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A brilliant all-rounder and the only captain to lead India to three World Cups, Mohammed Azharuddin is also remembered for his bowling skills, especially in cover. He was one of the leading wicket-takers of his era, holding 156 in 334 matches. Although he is third all-time in ODIs, Azharuddin has the most in ODIs against the Indians. Hits: 334 Hits: 156 Most in games: 4 Batting average: .469

The former Australian captain is as good in the field as he is with the bat. Pointer is a riotous and dangerous person, especially in the back, stupid head and short legs. Ricky Pointing has won 160 matches and 375 matches for Australia in ODIs. — Broadcast — Games: 375 Catches: 160 Most Hits in a Game: 3 Batting Positions: Hits per Innings: .430

Mahela Jayawardene tops the list of players with most catches in ODIs. Jayawardene over the remaining 58 catches. He also has the lead of 96 among all active cricketers. Jayawardene is the only cricketer in the world with more than 200 runs scored in ODIs. Matches: 448 Scored: 218 Most in Matches: 4 (Asia XI) Vs. Africa XI 2005 Batting Status:  Innings Scored: 0.492 Surprisingly, all 12 players have the highest ODI retirement figures. Among the active cricketers, Virat Kohli is at the 15th position with 122 hits in 240 matches. The next Indian next to the captain is his ODI vice-captain Rohit Sharma, who is ranks 55th with seven points and seven in 219 games.

I often describe myself with the three F’s which are food, football and movies. Born and brought up in Bangalore since the mid 1990s, I have always enjoyed playing football, cricket and watching other sports. People who know me always say that I have bruises on the ball. Sports and especially football have helped me overcome difficult times and shaped my world view. And that’s one of the reasons why I want to be a sports journalist. Here is the list of top 5 wicket keepers and top 5 fielders with most wickets in T20Is. MS Dhoni leads the wickets with 57 and David Millers also gives 57 and leads the run.

Top 10 Players With Most Catches In ICC World Cups

T20 has become the most exciting cricket tournament in recent years. Just like football and soccer, the role of the player is also very important in organizing the victory of the team.

T20 has become the most exciting cricket tournament in recent years. Just like football and soccer, the role of the player is also very important in organizing the victory of the team.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one of the best cricketers and wicket keeper in the history of cricket. His lightning speed hits and stunts are a joy to watch. Dhoni has played a total of 98 T20 matches so far and scored 98 runs including 57 knocks.

Most Catches In International Cricket

Dinesh Ramdin is West Indies most reliable wicket keeper. He has played a total of 71 T20 matches so far and dismissed 63 players. Out of his 63 wickets, 43 were caught.

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De Kock is one of the best wicket keepers to come out of South Africa. He is known for his excellent batting and his performance behind the stumps. He has played in 44 games so far and caught 39.

Sarfaraz Ahmed has played 58 T20 International matches for the national team. As a wicket keeper, he made 45 runs, 35 of which were behind the stumps.

Bangladesh cricketer and former national team captain Mushfiqur Rahim has played 86 T20 matches so far. Mushfiqur is one of the best wicketkeepers playing for Bangladesh. He has dismissed 32 in T20 and 29 of them behind the stumps.

South African cricketer David Miller is considered as one of the most destructive players in international cricket. He also holds some batting records in T20 cricket. David Miller represented his country in 78 games and took 57 catches.

Ms Dhoni Breaks World Record For Most Catches By Wicketkeeper In T20 Cricket

Former Pakistan captain and player Shoaib Malik has represented the country in 113 T20 International matches.