King Of Swing In Cricket – James Anderson: Amazing journey of 600 Test wickets for the Swing King | In the numbers, Anderson pulls off the rim of Azar Ali with a stunning short ball to become the first cricketer in Test history to take less than 600 wickets.

England’s James Anderson became the first to take 600 wickets in Test cricket when England’s James Anderson dismissed Pakistan captain Azar Ali on the final day of the third Test at Southampton on Tuesday. Incessant rain is frustrating the players ahead of day 5 – especially the hosts, who look set to push Pakistan to the brink and finish second in the ICC Test winners’ table. However, even if England had a chance to win the Test, all the talk during the final day was how cruel the weather would be to Anderson, who he was just one step away from the momentous event. After waiting for 5 hours and 15 minutes, the sun came out, the owner smiled, and Anderson was still in the sun. Anderson took Hazard’s stick off the edge with a stunning short ball, hit the magic number and entered his name in the history books.

King Of Swing In Cricket

King Of Swing In Cricket

Maintaining a high score of 150 Tests or more is not easy for any fast bowler. Take a look at some of the greatest players in this format – Glenn McGrath with 124 Tests, Courtney Walsh with 132 Tests and the latest player, Dale Sterne Only 93 Tests scored. There was Anderson, who stood out from the rest with 156 test appearances, the most ever by a fast bowler. He also threw 33,717 pitches, again the most of any fastball player and nearly 3,000 more than second-place Walsh.

The Swing King

But Anderson, despite being 38 years old, has made sure to stay fit, competitive, and always ahead of the curve. In his last 56 Tests, dating back to April 2015, Anderson has taken 216 wickets at an average of 21.50, which is better than his average in the last 50 Tests and his record in the last 50 Tests by far .

More impressively, Anderson took 332 wickets after completing 30 years at 23.87, 55% of his career wicket total. Only Walsh has taken more wickets than Anderson after making 30-341 at 24.17. Anderson’s overall performance is improving. After turning 35, he averaged 21.60, taking 120 wickets during that time.

Anderson is the second wicket-taker at domestic level after Muralitharan (493 wickets) and the highest among pacers. Anderson took 384 wickets in 89 Tests for England at 23.83. His favorite hunting ground is the place where he started – his home ground – where he took 103 wickets – the most of any other pacer. But his overseas record is also poor – 194 wickets in 61 Tests at 33.36 – 12th for the Pacers. He averaged 24.80 in the West Indies (10 Tests) and 20.54 in the UAE (6 Tests) and took 60 wickets in 18 Tests for Australia. In 22 games, he has an average Asian score of 31.25.

While his overall track record may not reflect it, Anderson has become a good passer over the years. In the first 50 Tests of his career he averaged 43.84 on the road, dropping to 31.18 in his next 50 matches and 27.71 in his last 56 matches.

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Of the 600 wickets he took in his career, 163 were by openers – the most by any bowler. One of his most notable victims was Pakistani Shan Masood, who scored just five points against the Pacers.

Anderson has been involved in some great on-field battles throughout his illustrious career and has chased down some of cricket’s greatest players. His two most famous batsmen include Sachin Tendulkar and Jacques Kallis. While he beat the Indian batsman for nine runs at 23.11 and seven runs for the South African batsman at 25.28. If other big stalwarts include – Michael Clarke (nine times), Shane Watson (eight times), Cheteshwar Pujara (seven times), Kumar Sangakkara (seven times). However, Sri Lanka’s top bowlers Lahiru Thirimanne and Masood have the worst record against the Pacers, with both averaging just five runs out.

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King Of Swing In Cricket

Benjamin William Hilfenhaus built a reputation as one of Australia’s best players of his generation in the decade he went from bricks to Baggy Green.

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The Tasmanian craftsman retired from his professional career just weeks before his 33rd birthday, having based his work on simplicity of line, length and exquisite elegance. .

These qualities elevated him to a higher position; between 2007 and 2012 he played 27 Tests and 25 ODIs, taking 128 international wickets.

He left 99 test victims in what will be a permanent statistical gap in Hilfenhaus’s career as pressure from the side cut short his involvement in his last game at the Baggy Green, his home against Sri Lanka in December 2012. Hobart Patch.

Only 36 Australians have taken 100-plus Test wickets, and while Hilfenhaus is one shy of the milestone, there is no shortage of achievements for the former bricklayer to hang his hat on. .

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Glenn McGrath enjoyed a long but perfect spell when he whitewashed the Ashes 5-0 in the summer of 2006-07, and the famous Metronome scene emerged from the southern continent.

Hilfenhaus made a first-team debut last summer, but the outfielder has impressed with his pace and accuracy – and 39 wickets, Tass The Manians’ most in a season opener. of the Sheffield Shield.

While that international summer belonged to McGrath and other outstanding Australian heroes, the domestic scene belonged to Hilfenhaus.

King Of Swing In Cricket

With Tasmania’s final Shield win – Apple Island’s first in nearly 30 years of trying – the right-hander became the fifth man to take 60 wickets in a season.

Gunn & Moore Swing King Ball, Pink/red

Equally impressive was his 509.1 turnovers in 11 games, an impressive display of endurance in a game he considered one of the highlights of his career.

“To be a part of that team and help Tassie as a big country, attacking the game, being a part of it is a great feeling,” he said on Wednesday.

“I’ve got a captain (current Tasmanian coach Dan Marsh) who’s willing to give me the ball and he’s always giving me more chances after every game, which is great.

“You can’t do that kind of work forever. I think I hit 500 or something that year, which is almost unheard of for a fast bowler, so maybe that’s took problems.

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“But I don’t regret it one bit, one of the most memorable moments of my career is winning the first shield for Tasi.”

This earned him many awards including Tasmania Player of the Year, Bradman Player of the Year and his first ODI cap against New Zealand in Hobart.

He was called up to Australia’s Test squad the following summer after the injured Shaun Tait, although it was 14 months before he started the five-day tournament.

King Of Swing In Cricket

It was Tasmanian captain Ricky Ponting, who named Hilfenhaus as a possible player during the crucial 2009 tour of South Africa and England.

Kookaburra Supercoach 3 Cricket Ball

Starting alongside Marcus North and the late Phillip Hughes in Johannesburg, tricky opener Mitchell Johnson took three wickets at just under 2.5 runs per innings in a marathon run 56 as Australia cruised to a comprehensive victory, a crushing series victory.

In the subsequent Ashes final, 22 wickets went on in Tests, although the pitch did not suit Hilfenhaus as much as his captain had thought.

“If you look back at the Ashes, there were a lot of situations where he probably didn’t suit his bowling style, but he managed to find a way to do the job,” Ponting said of after the series.

“If you can ask a bowler to do a job for you, whatever the conditions of the game or the conditions they are playing in and they can do it, that means they are doing well. I what you want as a sports player. captain.”

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Injuries came and went (chronic in the case of knee tendonitis) and ended his long-term career aspirations.