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IPL 2023 auction ready calculator: everything you need to know – remaining purse, new rules, available slots, auctioneers & more

Ipl Mega Auction 2023

Ipl Mega Auction 2023

This time it’s a ‘mini’ auction and it won’t last a day, but rest assured that the surprises expected to be released promise to be just as exciting as last year.

Ipl Auction 2023: Mumbai Indians Live Blog

It’s that time of the year when the 10 franchises try to set their strategy and prepare for the new season of the Indian Premier League. Yes, IPL 2023 will be the 16th season of the world’s most popular T20 league, but before it starts, the team will gather at a stadium in Kochi for the player auction. Last year’s mega IPL auction was a huge draw as teams assembled their squads, and while this year’s event might not be as big as its predecessors, it can’t be understated. its importance is something.

This time it’s a ‘mini’ auction and it won’t last more than one day, but rest assured that the surprises expected to be released promise to be just as exciting as last year. A day before the auction starts, you’re covered on all fronts. From team purses to new rules to the number of slots available to the full franchise, here’s everything you need to know about the IPL 2023 auction.

How many players are available in the IPL 2023 auction and how many slots need to be filled?

Unlike last year, when 509 players were slated to commit, this year fewer athletes — 405 to be exact — will be available from the 991-player provisional list. 273 are Indians. of these and the remaining 132 are overseas, including four associated countries. 119 were competitive cricketers and the other 296 were non-competitive. The 10 franchises combined have to fill 87 spots of which 30 are foreign players.

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All 10 franchises can shell out Rs 174.3 crore in the auction, with Sunrisers Hyderabad having the biggest purse and Kolkata Knight Riders having the slimmest. Below is the amount of each franchise in the kitty.

Hugh Edmeades will be the auctioneer, taking over from Richard Madley in 2018. In the end, unfortunately, Edmeades collapsed in the middle of the first day of the main auction and was later replaced by Charu Sharma. He returned to the final stage of the auction on Day 2 for the winners.

The answer is no. The auction will follow the rules of the final series, which prohibits franchises from using game rights cards. The RTM card, which was introduced for the first time during the 2018 auction, is a condition that allows franchises to purchase players after a team acquires their services. However, after careful consideration, the decision was made to jump

Ipl Mega Auction 2023

The ‘Impact Player’ rule will be introduced in this IPL auction. So, every time a substitute plays a more active role in an IPL match. According to the BCCI statement, this rule can be applied to domestic players but not to international cricket. It remains an exception if a team decides to field fewer than four foreign players in their playing XI. The captain has the right to declare the valid player and he can do so before the start of the innings, after the completion of the over, at the fall of the wicket. The player replacing the Impact Player will no longer participate in the game.

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Afghanistan right-arm spinner Allah Mohammad Ghazanfar is the youngest cricketer to be shortlisted for IPL auction 2023. The oldest player in the auction is veteran Indian cricketer Amit Mishra. Mishra, 40, is the only bowler in IPL history to take three hat-tricks.

If two teams are tied after a player and their purses are exhausted, each franchise can submit a final bid amount and the highest bid wins. The extra money is given, it is not in their wallet.

Players will have one final chance to choose from a quick round. For this, all franchises decide on the list of players they want and offer it. The list includes players who have not been offered or traded before.

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Ipl 2023 Auction: Delhi Capitals Predicted Retained Squad Players List

Newsletters, Alerts & Tips Get exclusive news and exciting deals Bookmark the latest stories you want to read Ahead of the T20 World Cup in Australia, the BCCI has asked all IPL franchises to submit their preferred player list to be published. IPL Auction 2023. In this article we will present a list of players from 5 franchises that will be difficult to retain in IPL 2023, which we will briefly discuss for several reasons.

The Delhi Capitals management is said to be keen to offload Shardul Thakur, Mandeep Singh and KS Bharat. The trio were inducted into the squad in the same auction and their records suggest that they have spent little time in the IPL outfit. Thakur was sold to the capital for Rs 10.75 crore, the 5th highest bid for any player in last year’s mega auction. His performance for CSK in 2021 saw him take 21 wickets, which prompted Delhi to sign him. However, Thakur could not get rid of 15 batsmen at a disappointing economy rate of 9.8 per over. The Delhi manager might be hoping to bring him in at a lower price in the auction. Meanwhile, Mandeep Singh and KS Bharat remained on the bench for most of the season, with the former featuring in just 3 games and scoring just 18 points. Bharat, on the other hand, was the back-rower for the Capitals and came into the starting eleven when Prithvi Shaw fell ill. The bad effects of both parties do not satisfy the desire of the owner and may come out.

The 2016 IPL champions had a tough time in the tournament after winning their second IPL title. They gave Kane Williamson the lead last year and brought out pocket dynamite David Warner. The South Indian team is said to be hoping to release Australian fast bowler Sean Abbott and West Indies cricketer Romario Shepherd. Abbott was brought into the team for Rs 2.6 crore last year and played just one match – taking one wicket and going for 47 runs in 4 boundaries. As he sold 7.75 crores of Romario Shepherd in last year’s mega auction, Sunrisers banked and hoped for him. However, he missed most of the season and only played in 3 games. Sheppard had a poor economy rate of 10.98 and conceded 94 runs with just 3 wickets to his name. Sunrisers have only 0.15 crore left during this auction and they can get rid of Abbott and Shepard to increase their purse.

Ipl Mega Auction 2023

North Indian outfit Punjab Kings had the highest purse in the last season at Rs 3.45 crore. India batsman Shah Rukh Khan and West Indies batsman Odion Smith are likely to be released. Both players were bought for good money but did not deliver the price. Shah Rukh’s arrival was well known for his performance in the domestic circuit, he sold 9 crores but managed to add only 117 runs to the Punjab team in 8 innings. Meanwhile, Odean Smith joined the Kings team when he sold 6 crores and like Shah Rukh he spent some time with the team. With a high economy rate of 11.78, the Odion team won a total of 15 out of 6 matches and conceded only 6 runs.

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Gujarat Titans won the IPL title in the first season of the T20 mega tournament that they entered. Jason Roy has pulled out of the IPL due to personal reasons and the Titans management will release the explosive English batsman to increase the purse. Vijay Shankar failed to impress the Titans management despite being bought for 1.4 crores. He scored just 19 runs in 4 innings and was dismissed for 15 matches off just 9 balls. Shankar remains on the bench due to his poor condition and could be on the release list for the Titans. Varun Aaron is a veteran of IPL and has played almost every season since 2011 for various franchises like Royal Challengers Bangalore, Delhi Capitals, Kolkata.