ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 – Results • Test 1 Birmingham engo enr 393 / 8d & 273 AUS (T: 281) 386 & 282/8 Australia Won Place

RESULT 5th Match, Group A CWC Qualifier ODI Harare NED 315/6 ZIM(40.5/50 ov, T:316) 319/4 Zimbabwe won by 6 wickets (with 55 balls to spare) Schedule Table Report Series

Icc Cricket World Cup 2019

Icc Cricket World Cup 2019

RESULT 6th Match, Group A CWC Qualifier ODI Harare USA 207 NEPAL(43/50 ov, T:208) 211/4 Nepal won by 6 wickets (with 42 balls to spare) Schedule Table Report Series

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

• North Group  • Vitality Blast  •  T20  •  Leeds NHNTS 180/6 YORKS(15.2/20 ov, T:181) 102 Northants won by 78 runs Schedule Table Report Series

• South Group  • Vitality Blast  •  T20  •  The Oval SURR 238/5 GLAM(20 ov, T:239) 157/8 Surrey win by 81 runs Schedule Table Report Series

RESULT  • North Group  • Vitality Blast  •  T20  •  Worcester LANCS 164/8 WORCS(17.4/20 ov, T:165) 165/3 WORCS won by 7 wickets (with 14 balls to spare) Schedule Table Report Series

RESULT  • North Group  • Vitality Blast  •  T20  •  Chester-le-Street DURH 146/5 BEARS(19.3/20 ov, T:147) 149/8 Bears win by 2 wickets (with 3 balls to spare)​​​​ Table Report Series

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RESULT  • South Group  • Vitality Blast  •  T20  •  Hove SUSS 169/7 KENT(18.4/20 ov, T:170) 172/4 Kent won by 6 wickets (with 8 balls to spare) Schedule Table Report Series

RESULT  • South Group  • Vitality Blast  •  T20  •  Bristol HANTS 158/7 GLOUC(8.1/9 ov, T:84) 85/2 Gloucs win by 8 wickets (with 5 balls to spare) (D/L Method) Table Report List

• North Group  • Vitality Blast  •  T20  •  Leicester NOTTS 165/8 LEICS(20 ov, T:166) 143/8 Notts win by 22 runs Schedule Table Report Series

Icc Cricket World Cup 2019

Today, 3:30 AM • Final • ACC Emerging • Mong Kok India A Women Bangladesh Women Match starts at 3 hrs 2 mins Schedule Table Series

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RESULT  • 10th Match  • TNPL  •  Dindigul NRK 124 TT(18.2/20 ov, T:125) 128/3 Tiruppur won by 7 wickets (with 10 balls to spare) Schedule Table Videos Series

Stumps  • 2nd Unofficial TEST  •  Colombo (PSS) SL-A 290 SA-A(80 ov) 287/6 Day 2 – SA A trail of 3 runs. Schedule Series

RESULT • Final • PRO 3-Day • Nangarhar MAR 335 & 264 AMOR(T:345) 255 & 153 Mis-Ainak won by 191 runs Schedule Table Series

Today, 7:00 AM  • 7th Match, Group B  • CWC Qualifier  •  ODI  •  Bulawayo Ireland Scotland Match has not started Schedule Table Videos Series

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Today, 7:00 AM  • 8th Match, Group B  • CWC Qualifier  •  ODI  •  Bulawayo Oman United Arab Emirates Match has not started Schedule Table Videos Series

Today, 9:45 AM  • 11th Match  • TNPL  •  Dindigul Chepauk Super Gillies Dindigul Dragons Match starts Table Games

Today, 1:45 PM  • 12th Match  • TNPL  •  Dindigul Ba11sy Trichy Lyca Kovai Kings Match has not started Schedule Table Videos Series

Icc Cricket World Cup 2019

1 England; 2 New Zealand; 3= Australia, India At 7.30 pm on July 14, there were good sights. When the golden midsummer sun covered the Lord with the right light of the story, the man, dressed in blue clothes, beat his fists in the emerald grass. He was in a mental state, his hands flashing the only way to find happiness. Another crazy time in the craziest days. Jofra Archer has faced more challenges than most will face in a lifetime, and the stress has found freedom. After England made 15 from their super over, they restricted New Zealand to 15 from their own. Tied after 100 overs, tied after two more. But the next separator was cut clear: New Zealand hit a boundary of 17, England 27. The Lord was at his feet. In the 12th Test, England did what many thought would be impossible. They won the World Cup. Go back a few minutes, and other heroes flock to the stage. Put 242, England 227 for eight, and against it. The four-year-old fell to six balls and 15 runs. Fortunately for them, Ben Stokes was on strike. But he couldn’t rely on his new partner to seal the boundary that was the only path to glory and, Trent Boult called in the side, he took two singles: 15 from four. Meanwhile, at this level, against this bowler, the task is huge. But Boult cuts the length short, and Stokes connects. This work, still very large, is six times smaller. Then came the most fortunate moment – the cruelest. Martin Guptill bowled the ball from deep midwicket as Stokes, looking to finish a hair but a crucial second, dived over his head to defence. The ball bounced off his bat and into the third-man boundary in what The Times called “The Miracle of Recent Demolition”. After discussion, the actors gave six performances. This, it happened, was more a mistake than a miracle: by the letter of the Law 19.8, it should have been five; Adil Rashid should be on strike, missing four for two. But this happened in another universe. For us, in something that should be true even though it seems like everything but, he needs only three: Stokes catches two singles, twice he loses another while trying for a second, to set up the uberdrama of the super over – and the Rain of darts blows. the nose. If the climax justifies any success, the initial exchange is minimal. The final day of the competition, then, the 2019 World Cup in microcosm. In terms of fighters, this is the fewest since 1992, when there were nine. Now there are ten, four in 2014-15, allowing for a full-game format. So both Ireland and Zimbabwe fell, as did Scotland and the United Arab Emirates. This shows the true nature of the ICC: those interested in making money with big monsters like India than preaching more than 50 games. This structure guarantees everyone, regardless of performance, at least nine. They eliminated South Africa in a spectacular display that included a stunning performance by Stokes that grabbed the headlines. The game also puts two rabbits on the run. One came from the second ball of the match, when Jonny Bairstow fell on Imran Tahir’s leg; another when England scored 300 for the fifth ODI in a row. Both are easy to read. Spin will play a smaller role over the next six weeks. And when the ICC announced the Team of the Tournament, the slow bowler was Shakib Al Hasan, who batted No. 5 and scored 606 runs in 86 as his 11 wickets. Of the 29 bowlers who take at least ten, only five are spinners. Most were 12, with Indian leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal; 17 seamers caught 13 or more. Even though most of the pitches change a little, it doesn’t define the game. Another rabbit is a good-natured adult, a subject who can run and run – if not what others predict. Ahead of the tournament, Virat Kohli, India’s outspoken captain, joined the discussion about England aiming for 500, an idea that has taken root. in the mind and not in reality. Clearly, they predict that, as the pressure increases, the results will decrease. So there are recipes. The 2015 tournament was criticized for being the first 300-plus one-sided game. Although the 11 venues used in 2019 are all different, the venues, organized under the supervision of the ICC, are soft. England, and the hosts, will have to get used to lower scores. Sports often lose their energy even during games. In the first three weeks, the captain who is playing well usually comes; in only four of the 21 games he finished did the game. Bowling at 10.30 on a gray morning, with batsmen who know the size of the chase – these are options to try. Not that winning throws gives much chance: in 11 out of 21, it led to defeat. The first three weeks brought a clear schedule, however. With one exception – Pakistan’s loss to England – every time India, Australia, England or New Zealand have faced the other six, they have won, often by a comfortable margin. The tournament turned out to be a tough one, more entertaining with brilliant performances than memorable matches. Sheldon Cottrell’s boundary run to remove Steve Smith, when Australia dug deep against the West Indies, was similar to Stokes’ wondercatch. The weather doesn’t help either. There were no days left until the knockouts – while New Zealand’s lead in their semi-final against India was delayed until the second day – and rain flooded the four-team match, making it the wettest World Cup ever. Another issue that was discussed was the bail of Zing, who happened to be a friend of the striker. Five times in the first 13 games he lit up, to stay. The ICC said it would not change, but surprisingly the phantom lights stopped. But the biggest concern is that the group sector will fall on the dead list. Then, during the summer, England face Sri Lanka in Leeds. Even in a coma, the target of 233 was within reach of the hosts 99 times out of 100. But this is the World Cup, Lasith Malinga is opening old scars, and confidence is gone. That’s all the competition needs, if not England: one of the games

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