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How many players are there in a cricket team? In the game of cricket, each team has 11 players. Cricket is played between two teams, so there are a total of 22 players in the game. Players are usually selected by the management of the respective cricket team.

How Many Players In Cricket Team

How Many Players In Cricket Team

11 cricketers usually have three main roles: batting, bowling and fielding. In addition to the eleven players participating in the match, four additional players will be on the field as reserves or substitutes. Their main task is to be ready to replace an injured player during the game. However, the replacement is limited to certain situations, which we will discuss later in this article.

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Each cricket team has 11 players. A game may be played between parties of fewer than eleven or more players as agreed, but no more than 11 players may play at any one time.

One of the eleven players serves as the team captain. When the captains of the two teams meet during the huddle before the start of the game, they exchange information about the players on each team. Eleven players typically have four roles:

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There are two hitters at each end of the field. The first batsman, also called the striker, is the one the bowler practices. His partner, the non-striker, waits behind the opening crease at the opposite end of the striker. When the over ends, the bowling ends are replaced; The batsman at the end of the innings becomes the non-striker and vice versa.

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The main task of a batsman is to score runs by keeping the ball away from the players of the opposing team. As the fielders try to return the ball to the field, the batsman runs from one end of the field to the other, making one run to run the length of the field.

Each player is placed in three batting positions: top order, middle order and tail. A top-order batsman can start his innings by coming from any of the first three positions. They are also called openers. Intermediate fighters strike from the six to eight position. From places nine through eleven come the last place finishers or graduates.

The keeper passes the ball to the attacker of the opposing team. They are divided into two categories: fast bowlers and spinners. While fast bowlers deliver fast balls by starting the run, spinners deliver slower balls that spin after the bounce.

How Many Players In Cricket Team

Bowlers are responsible for taking wickets. Their job is to prevent the hitters from scoring. Usually, a bowler bowls six valid balls in a row, which is called an “over”, at which point the next bowler takes his turn to bowl on the opposite side of the pitch. According to the rules of cricket, no bowler can bowl two consecutive overs.

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The goalkeeper is an important member of the field team. The wicket-keeper stands behind the wicket-keeper’s wicket – 10-20 yards behind for fast bowlers and directly behind for slower bowlers. The goal keeper’s job is to stop the ball passing through the goal, catch it, knock the ball out of the crease and receive the ball returned to him by the fielder.

Fielding is one of the important roles that all players play. Each team has nine players. Out of the eleven, one serves as a boxer and the other as a fielder. The main objective of a fielder is twofold: they must restrict the batsman’s runs and dismiss or retire the batsman through runs. A fielder is said to have run out when the batsman is still mid-run when the ball hits the wicket. A fielder can also take the batsman’s wicket by catching the ball hit by the batsman before it hits the ground.

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Each team has 4 substitutes. In addition, each team has a twelfth player among the four reserve or reserve players. They can be included in the final lineup of players before the game. Their other duties include serving drinks and changing gear to the players on the field.

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Normally, before tossing the ball, each captain must submit a list of 11 players and a maximum of four substitutes in writing to the ICC match referee.

However, the ICC tightened its substitution rules in 2008, stating that “substitute players are permitted only for injury, illness or other fully acceptable reasons and do not include what is often referred to as a ‘consolation break'”. emphasized.

Additionally, 2019 saw the introduction of a new type of replacement known as a concussion replacement. According to this rule, “If a player sustains a concussion during a test match and is unfit for further play, then -VI” substitutes may be allowed.

How Many Players In Cricket Team

Referees may allow a substitute if a player is injured, becomes ill during the match, or for other acceptable reasons during the match. No substitute is allowed for every situation.

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A substitute cannot bowl or bowl but can keep wicket with the permission of the umpires. However, if a player must leave the field to change equipment, a substitute may not be used. If a player does this, he may not return to the field without the umpire’s permission, or the umpire may penalize the fielding team with five runs.

Also, if a substitute player takes a catch, it is recorded in the scorebook as a ‘caught sub’.

Cricket has always been a team sport. Regardless of the size of the game, each team member is responsible for their team’s success. Apart from the 11 players and 4 substitutes in the game of cricket, there are two main roles: umpire and umpire. Let us discuss the position and responsibilities of an umpire and an umpire involved in a cricket match.

Two umpires are selected before the start of a cricket match. One stands at the end of the batsman and the other at the end of the batsman’s crease, facing their backs. Both referees will conduct the match with absolute impartiality according to the rules of the game. A third umpire on the video cameras is called to decide if both players cannot make the call. He examines video replays of the play to determine runs, catches, fumbles and whether the fielder was able to stop the ball before it crossed the line.

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Referees must be on the field and report to the field manager at least 45 minutes before the start of the match. Arbitrators have two main responsibilities, such as:

The umpires determine the game clock before the coin is tossed. They decide the balls for the game, the time and duration of the break in consultation with the team captains. The umpires also check the wicket, crease and boundary lines to ensure that all three are within the rules. They also check that players’ equipment, such as helmets and gloves, are up to standard.

The umpire at the player’s end makes the goal decision when the fielding team appeals. They also signal boundaries, sixes, wides, no balls, byes and leg byes. The umpire at square leg is responsible for deciding on stumping and running. If the ball goes over the batter’s shoulder or head, they can signal the umpire at the ballista’s end. Once confirmed, the bowler’s last umpire signals a “wide ball”.

How Many Players In Cricket Team

There is only one umpire in a cricket match. The referee is responsible for disciplinary matters. Their responsibilities include fielding the ball, ensuring that the ICC’s code of conduct is followed during the match and submitting match reports to the ICC (International Cricket Council).

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Except in exceptional circumstances, a referee shall not be substituted in a match unless he is injured or ill. Also, let’s say a referee needs to be replaced. In this case, the new umpire acts only as the second umpire (square leg umpire) unless the captains agree that the substitute umpire should be given full authority as the first umpire (bowler’s final umpire).

A hitter and a hitter at the non-hitter’s end may only be replaced/substituted/replaced if injured or ill during the game. The team captain has the right to change the batting order at any time during the game.

Like a batsman, a bowler can only be replaced if he is injured or falls ill during the match. However, the captain of the bowling side may declare or substitute a bowler unfit for the entire match due to injuries or other health problems. The