Fantasy Cricket – Cricket is not just a game but an emotion for the fans. Hence, completing their required tasks ahead of time and sitting in front of the TV screens to enjoy cricket matches is a regular affair for sports lovers. While the other matches kept them on the screens throughout the day, the IPL matches with limited viewing helped them enjoy the entire game and return to their commitments.

Regardless of the length of the matches, cricket fans always had countless reasons to ensure that they did not miss a single one. Due to the craze for cricket among people, various gaming websites have created fantasy versions of various sports to satisfy the appetite of various sports lovers.

Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy Cricket

According to a recent Yahoo Finance report, the global fantasy sports sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.5%, reaching $22.31 billion in 2021. The fantasy version of many sports are available online these days, including hockey, kabaddi, football, etc. . , but fantasy cricket has its charms.

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With Fantasy Cricket, sports lovers get a chance to connect with real games through the selected players. Based on how their chosen players perform on the field, players earn points. It is a game of strategies that players have to be aware of to form an excellent virtual team of real cricketers based on various parameters.

When it comes to creating a valuable team, several factors must be considered to ensure players win their fantasy contests. Here are some fantasy cricket tips to help you pick the best players to get the best team for the upcoming cricket match.

Most of the time it has been observed that fantasy players consider the latest performances of the players, and based on the same selected players for their team. It is recommended not to do this. A player who performs ideally now would not necessarily perform perfectly in later games.

So you are expected to emphasize the consistency factor a bit more. Although only looking at recent performance, you can get a look at how consistent a player’s performance is. Choosing a consistent player is much better than having someone who may or may not perform as expected. A consistent player may not score a hundred, but at least he won’t be at zero.

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It might surprise you to associate the weather and pitch forecast with your team selection process. However, it is one of the most important points to consider. How?

Based on the pitch and the weather, you can decide which type of bowler, fielder and batsman to choose. For example, if the pitch is uneven, you should try to get good bowlers to improve your chances of scoring high. On the other hand, in case the ground is flat, you can go for a better batter. On the other hand, some players perform better on dry days, while others prefer to play on windy days.

In order to understand the type of players that are suitable for a certain type of pitch or weather condition, you should observe the play of your shortlisted players and finally decide who you want to include and exclude.

Fantasy Cricket

Of course, consistency is the key. However, there are cases where players play very well for consecutive games but then start poorly on the field. So, while keeping a tab of the constant performance of the cricketers, you should not ignore the recent performances. You may find that some of the best players suddenly have a bad start. Maybe they turn out to be good, but you can’t rely on luck when you practically choose the one that is guaranteed to do well in the game.

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It is therefore recommended to make smart and practical decisions rather than being drawn to an uncertain alternative. Consider the latest games and check how your favorite player is performing. Depending on your observation, you can make a selection.

The most important aspect of the team selection process is the selection of captain and vice-captain. The captain and vice-captain are the two best members of the team, and therefore their performance would get more scores on your scoreboard. So, be careful when choosing them. The points for the captain’s performance are doubled, and the vice-captain earns you 1.5x points for the runs they score.

If you have a great captain and an excellent vice-captain who is good at every ball thrown at him, you will probably earn better points than the other players on the team will earn you , right? So, be smart enough to choose your captain and lieutenant.

It has been found that fantasy players either pick good batsmen for the team or pick a number of bowlers for a win. However, none of them could help them get a great team. As a player you should try to have a balanced team with a sufficient number of good batsmen, good bowlers and good fielders. Cricket is not just about batting or bowling; it’s about every task the players have to do on the field. So, having a good mix of batsmen, bowlers and fielders would increase your chances of winning the match.

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Following the above five different ways of creating a fantasy cricket team would surely help you to have a great team. You have to be a good observer to consider different aspects of a cricketer’s game to ensure you choose the right one for the right game. Picking a good team requires good observation and analytical skills. If you have that or can gradually develop that in you, chances are you will have the best team for victory in any fantasy cricket game you are involved in.

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Fantasy Cricket

Cricket, unlike sports such as basketball and football, is a game of discrete events. Each ball is followed by a stop, after which the next ball is shot. So, for fantasy cricket fans and enthusiasts, it is easier to track what players are achieving in each ball. This aspect of cricket naturally lends itself to fantasy team games. In the following, we will list five reasons for the growth in popularity of Fantasy Cricket in India

Normandy Fantasy Cricket League

Imagine Andre Russell, Rashid Khan, Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli in the same team. Or a team of 11 finalists? The stuff of dreams isn’t it? In a country where the game is a religion and almost a billion people have an opinion on who should or shouldn’t play, Fantasy Cricket allows one to build a game plan of their choice and lets you play as a coach, captain and commanding general. That feeling of ‘control’ over events is a good thing to have and fantasy cricket gives that to all cricket lovers in the country.

With the rapid spread of T20 and T10 leagues around the world, cricket fans now have the opportunity to see their favorite players in action every other day. But of course, since there are many leagues, it becomes difficult for an average cricket fan to keep up with all the action.

However, introducing fantasy cricket raises the stakes for the fans and leads to more interest in the game as the members of the fantasy team you have built play.

Playing fantasy cricket also gives one the opportunity to show his reading of the game. You select players based on your understanding of their abilities under certain conditions as well as your knowledge of their current form. Therefore, the results you get are a testament to your understanding of the game in general.

Why Would You Launch A Fantasy Cricket App In 2022–2023?

Your friends, family and the internet at large can now expand your knowledge of the game by looking at your fantasy roster. Fantasy Cricket therefore acts as a platform not only to make the right use of your cricket knowledge, but also gives you bragging rights when your knowledge helps you put together a winning combination.

Not sure if your favorite batsman or bowler will play the all-important semi-final for your team? Do not worry! Fantasy Cricket is a one stop shop to gauge all kinds of facts about cricketers in a tournament.

Not only can you monitor the injury status of players, but you can also use the app as a source to read about players’ form and research various statistics such as averages, strike rates, boundaries and dot balls. New signings and roster changes are also regularly updated in the app.

Fantasy Cricket

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