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Mens cricket sweater and slipover knit pattern pdf mens cable jumper and pullover 28-46″ DK light gray 8ply pdf instant download

Cricket Sweater

Cricket Sweater

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Please see the images above for information from sizes, materials used, needle sizes and more. Click the white arrow in the middle of the picture on the right.

Using the leftover yarn, I checked the size of the needle for the current equivalent and included it in the description. It is intended as a guide only. Please check your stress.

The standard is in UK terms. I have also included an additional PDF – Knitting Conversion Chart – giving UK, US, Aus/NZ & Metric needle and thread sizes. Designs before the 70’s are not in metric.

The Cricket Sweater — Igee Okafor

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Cricket Sweater

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Cricket Jumper Cable Cricket Sweater Knitting Pattern Sport

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I downloaded the pattern and sent it to Nana and she knitted it for me…nice and perfect fit, talented Nana!

This is a PDF version. I found it easy to download even though I have been using pre-purchased paper. This is a cute retro pattern and I really enjoyed knitting it.

Cricket Sweater

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Polo Ralph Lauren The Iconic Cricket Sweater

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Styling The Cricket Sweater

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Cricket Sweater

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Polo Ralph Lauren Cabled V Neck Cricket Sweater In Natural For Men

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To complete the look as described above, I went for an oxford shirt, chinos, loafers, and a black wrist watch. These are the following:

Multi Color Cricket V Neck Sweater Swt Ffsvn22 186

Generally, a cricket sweater will work with any collared shirt depending on the design, and silhouette. My love of white shirts, and blues aside, the decision to go with a white oxford shirt came down to not wanting to mess around, and/or wearing a cricket sweater. After all, a white oxford shirt is versatile, and easy to use often if you know the time. Sticking to the lines of keeping the cricket sweater as the focus, I opted for an unbuttoned collar instead of a tie for a casual look.

One of the best things about wearing chinos, is that even though it was created to be a simple garment, it can translate into different items of men’s clothing. You can wear it, you can wear it. When choosing the two to make a cricket sweater, it is important that the choice of chino compliments the quality of the cricket sweater.

Everyone has a pair of shoes that they call “good shoes”. This is the shoe that you go for as the first choice and comfort as the most important. For me, they are loafers, and luckily enough, loafers are the driving force in preppy menswear. For those who prefer other shoe options, Brogue, and Boatshoes are always good.

Cricket Sweater

I find that accessories are a great way to finish off any outfit. Turns out, I chose a black wristwatch to match the look of the cricket sweater.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Cable Knit Cricket Sweater

Cricket Sweater / World’s End . Shirt / J. Crew. Chinos / H&M. Loafers / Jay Butler. Wrist Watch / Shore Functions Finding a wrist watch in the heat of spring, especially in the northeastern United States, can be difficult. It is cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon and cold at night. One of my favorite transition items from winter to spring is the Cricket Sweater.

Steeped in the history of tennis, golf and cricket, these cable knit sweater styles aren’t just for whack-bat (a la Fantastic Mr. Fox). This spring, use your cricket sweater as a layering piece or on its own to put together an outfit. Typically, cricket sweaters are made from a soft wool or cotton blend fabric, which makes them incredibly breathable and not as heavy as your winter sweatshirts. Below is