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Cricket Photo

Cricket Photo

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Cricket is believed to have originated in the 13th century when boys in the country were thrown on stumps or Obstacles in the pen.

The first test match was played between Australia and England in Melbourne in 1877, and Australia won. When Australia won again at the Oval in Kennington, London in 1882.

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An indelible notice was printed announcing that English cricket would be sacrificed and the ashes being taken to Australia, thus creating a “game for ashes”.

The International Women’s Cricket Council was established in 1958 by Australia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, New Zealand and South Africa, and later included India, Denmark, and the West Indies.

Cricket is played with sticks and balls and consists of two teams (teams) with 11 players each. Since there are 11 players in the team and 2 of them have to be tennis players and wicket goalkeepers, only 9 positions can be occupied at a time.

Cricket Photo

Cricket, Britain’s national summer sport, is now played around the world, especially in Australia, India, Pakistan, West Indochina and the British Isles.

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Cricket is played with sticks and balls and consists of two teams (teams) with 11 players each. The field is elliptical in shape with a rectangular surface in the center known as the pitch, which is 22 yards (20.12 m) wide and 10 feet (3.04 m) wide. Two sets of three sticks called wickets are placed in the ground at each end of the court, at the top of each wicket are horizontal pieces called bail bands in tennis and bowling. ); Each turn is called an “innings” (always plural). There are one or two sides per turn, depending on the allotted time of the match with the object being scored, the maximum number of runs. Bowlers try to break (hit) the wicket with the ball by sending the ball straight to make the ball fall. This is one of the many ways in which a tennis player can be kicked out or dismissed. He puts six balls to the opposite wicket. The tennis team defended its shot.

There are two strikers at the same time and the fighter (striker) is trying to keep the ball away from the goal. Offensively, defensively or offensively, offensively defends the wicket, but allows the boxer to run to the opposite wicket. In that case, the boxer does not have to run and starts with another boxer. If the tennis player can strike, then he and the second tennis player (not the striker) are at another wicket exchange venue. Each time the two boxers reach the opposite wicket, the run is scored, they have enough time without being caught and kicked, the boxer can cross between the wickets, earning extra runs each time. They go to the opposite side. There is an outer boundary on the cricket field. A ball that hits or crosses the border gets four points if it lands and then reaches the border if it reaches the border (flying ball) out of the air. The team that runs the most wins a match. If both teams are unable to meet their pre-match number of matches, the match is declared a draw. Hundreds of points are common in cricket

Cricket tournaments can range from informal weekend getaways in the countryside to top-level international tournaments in the five-day trial, played by leading professionals in Stadium.

Cricket is believed to have originated in the 13th century, when boys in this country placed sheep pens under trees or near gates. The gate has two tops and a cross bar on the top of the slot. Cross bars are referred to as collateral, and the entire gate as a log entrance is preferred because the guarantee can be waived. After accepting a wicket that is subsequently blocked. The first manuscript differed in the size of the wicket, which received its third base in 1870, but in 1866 the area between the court and the wicket was 22 yards long.

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The ball, which has been rock since the 17th century, weighs 5.5 to 5.75 ounces (156 to 163 grams) and was invented in 1774.

The ancient bat was probably a branch of a modern golf club, but longer and heavier. In Hammbledon, a small village in the south of England, cricket players made the transition to a straight bat to avoid prolonged tennis. The stick is shortened at the handle and straightened at the knife, leading to more play, driving and cutting. Tennis dominated until the 18th century as bowling techniques did not improve much during this time.

The earliest reference to an 11-a-side match played in Sussex for 50 Guinea shares dates from 1697. Kent met Surrey in an international game first recorded at Dartford in 1709, and it is likely that the Code of Conduct (rules) for the conduct of the game existed now, despite the earliest known versions of such rules. This has been around since 1744. London, especially Artillery Ground, Finsbury, which saw the famous match between Kent and All-England in 1744.

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The Hambledon Club mentioned above was a major cricket powerhouse that played in Hampshire during the second half of the eighteenth century before the rise of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) in London. Formed from a cricket club playing at White Conduit Field, the club moved to Lord’s Cricket Ground in St Marylebone Borough in 1787 and became an MCC, publishing its first revised code the following year. The Lord’s, named after its founder, Thomas Lord, has three locations in its history. In 1814 the Lord’s moved to the present land at St John’s Wood to become the headquarters of world cricket.

Cricket Remains India’s Most Watched Game

In 1836 the Southern Counties v Southern Counties were played, providing clear evidence of the spread of cricket. Founded in 1846 by William Clarke of Nottingham, All-England XI began his tour of the country in 1852, when some of the leading experts (including John Wisden) Compiled the first compilation of the famous Wisden Almanac cricket) created United All-England. XI. County cricket monopolized the best cricket talent until the rise in 1859, they provided the players for the first British tour abroad. It has been more than a decade since Canada topped the international cricket standings, but the men’s national cricket team is one step closer to qualifying for the 2023 World Cup. Malaysia won the Cricket World Cup Challenge League A with three matches to play last week.

Losing its ODI status in 2019, Canada entered the International Cricket Council’s lowest-ranked tournament but reached the top in impressive form, winning 12 of its last 13 matches. That is, more than four of Denmark’s closest rivals.

The title guarantee means it will advance to the World Cup qualifiers in Namibia next March, where it will take on the shirts of the CWC Challenge League B winners and the bottom four teams of the current World Cricket League 2. Continuing is likely Papua New Guinea, the United States, Nepal and the United Arab Emirates.

The six teams will then compete for two places in the 10-team World Cup qualifiers, which will be held in Zimbabwe in June and July. With 10 teams from the ODI World Cup in India in October, only two teams from the qualifiers will advance to the show event.

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