Cricket King – It’s a question every cricket fan has debated ever since their favorite childhood player retired or their favorite country didn’t win that big match of theirs (or both). Who was the best cricketer of all time? Where do you even begin? There are so many great players in the history of cricket and with so many different countries it’s not an easy question to answer… but we’ll try.

Let’s be real. Don Bradman is not just the King of Cricket, he is a demigod. He scored 6996 tests with an average score of 99.94! This record will never be broken and his name will forever remain in infamy as one of the greatest athletes who ever lived. No other cricketer has come close to matching his feats, but there are many who have tried.

Cricket King

Cricket King

It is even difficult to imagine a world without Sachin Tendulkar. The Indian legend has been playing for over twenty years and he still hasn’t lost his touch. At an age when most cricketers have hung up their boots, Tendulkar is performing like a younger man. His grace, talent and persistence make him one of the greatest players in any sport; you don’t get 100 international centuries by accident!

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There is no question about his talent, he said. He has natural ability and great hand-eye coordination. He’s definitely one of my heroes as a left-hander because I’m left-handed too, Lara added in awe. I just have to thank God that I was able to play against him and see him on TV.

The game of Cricket has evolved in such a way that teams can no longer win matches solely by relying on their star players. At a time when sports competition is at its peak, it is difficult to say who really deserves the name “King”. Virat Kohli and Steve Smith are two such names who are generally considered to be two strong contenders for this prestigious title.

It’s hard to tell, really. While Lara has scored more runs, Tendulkar has a career-low average. Both players are icons of their countries and have dominated cricket at the highest level for almost 2 decades. It’s a coin toss in my opinion; you really can’t go wrong with either! Who do you think is better – Tendulkar or Lara? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. We would like to hear from you! The familiar answer to the question Who is the king of cricket? It is Virat Kohli. He was the former captain of the Indian cricket team. The king of the cricket world, the fighting machine is Virat Kohli. Although there are many great players in the world of cricket, there is only one king. Know about some special records that make Virat Kohli the King of Cricket. In this article we will talk about who is the king of cricket? And why he is the king of cricket.

Virat Kohli has many records to his name which is why he is also called the King of Cricket. Test or One Day International or T-20, Virat Kohli has scored in all formats. Virat Kohli has won many tournaments for India in one team. Virat is also known as chess master. It is also called a running car.

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This is a very amazing performance of Virat Kohli in one day. So far Virat Kohli has played 260 One Day Internationals in which he has scored 12311 runs. He made 43 centuries and 64 half-centuries in One Day Internationals. Amidst all this, his batting average is also amazing which is 58.07. This is also the reason why he became the king of cricket. Virat Kohli is just 6 centuries away from matching Sachin Tendulkar.

Kohli has played 97 international T20 matches. He has scored 3296 runs in T20 Internationals. His highest score in T20Is is 94. Virat Kohli also completed the matches in which he won the only T20 for India. Virat also has 30 half-centuries to his name in 97 matches. This is the only T20 in which he has not made a century.

He has so far played 100 Test matches in which he has scored 8007 runs at an average of 50.35. Virat Kohli also made 27 centuries and 28 half-centuries. Virat holds the record for scoring two double centuries in a series for the second time.

Cricket King

Virat Kohli has captained 68 Test matches. He is considered a successful captain in Tests. Virat Kohli led the Indian team to victory in 40 out of 68 matches with a win percentage of 59. He also captained India to 95 one-day internationals in 65 matches. He captained 50 T-20 matches in which he scored a remarkable 30-match win over India.

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This website uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to the use of cookies. See our privacy and cookies policy. For many years, Indian cricket had only one powerhouse: Virat Kohli. Now that equation is beginning to change.

At first, it didn’t add up. When Kohli talked about managing his workload and making room for the T20 captain’s delivery, it seemed like he was just cleaning out his computer inbox and deleting small files, nothing more.

It took on more meaning later when he stepped down as the IPL captain. Kohli is the busiest player on the planet, playing and commanding in all formats, and if he wants to lighten his load, that’s perfectly fine.

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But questions swirled about the “real” reason for his retirement. While many others in the past – from Sunil Gavaskar to Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar – have given up captaincy to focus more on their game, Kohli’s DNA is different and unlike the others mentioned here, he is a The serial leader, the passionate kid in the front row who always raises his hand. Kohli doesn’t play second base and power is his natural ally.

Citing unnamed sources, the media speculated that the dressing room was tense as Kohli was allegedly aloof and bossy. Other stories hinted darkly that he was Minister of War, Field Marshal, and Chief of the General Staff, all of whom did not believe in democracy, debate, or sound discussion.

There is some evidence to support this view. The Anil Kumble-Ravi Shastri coaching episode is well documented; a watershed moment in Indian cricket history. The issues of irregular selection involving senior players are too numerous to list. Everything about the Indian team, both good and bad in recent years, has Kohli printed all over it.

Cricket King

There is much to be said and done about Captain Kohli. He shaped Indian cricket for nearly a decade, giving it a new direction and vision and building a unique team culture. He also demanded strict compliance.

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Perhaps for the first time, it was an individual and not a cricketing body who decided how the national team would play, the brand of cricket it would uphold and the values ​​it would uphold. England, Australia, South Africa had extensive discussions and “cultural reviews” to develop their cricket “vision and mission”, but similar discussions never took place at BCCI headquarters. Instead, Kohli settled these things after a session.

It is no exaggeration to say that important decisions affecting Indian cricket have been taken in the dressing room. It was Kohli who decided that the yo-yo test standard should be 17 or 17.4 or there at all. Kohli made fitness irrelevant, insisted on improving the pitch, spoke of “intent” (his favorite word) and declared that the team would play fearless cricket.

He changed the script with a montage of fast-bowling and spin attack and changed the grammar of the team by removing the back foot. When the batsman Kohli keeps one leg out, a message is sent to his opponent and his team. KL Rahul summed up the new mindset of the Indian team by commenting on the James Anderson-Jasprit Bumrah bit: If someone attacks us, we will retaliate as a group.

Over the years, Kohli’s formula has worked. The recent record of Indian teams, especially overseas, is unparalleled in its test history. Kohli is India’s greatest Test captain and only three captains in the history of Test cricket have won more than him.

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However, there are two interesting sides to King Kohli’s reign. At one level he is a visionary who reads the game right, and like Tiger Pataudi 50 years before him, in one shining moment, he has reshaped the course of Indian cricket. Pataudi invented the “wheel to win” formula and focused on fielding when dropping a catch was not considered a serious sin. Kohli led Indian cricket by insisting that players should be sportsmen first.

Interestingly, Kohli, the captain, is not considered strategically brilliant. On the contrary, most experts