Cricket Games For Android – Cricket fever has gripped Indian fans and a win against arch-rivals Pakistan in their ICC World Cup opener has made fans more excited.

The pleasure of watching games and listening to or reading expert comments and articles is so immense and addictive that people actually enjoy playing the game. But considering today’s busy life, it is not easy to find time to play.

Cricket Games For Android

Cricket Games For Android

For such fans, the best option is to play simulation games against the biggest names in the world. Imagine that you are on the loose with cricketing superstars like Virat Kohli, Glen Maxwell or AB De Villiers, and every great shot you make is celebrated by him with a high-five.

Best Cricket Games To Play On Mobile Phones In 2023

If you are game for it, here are some great cricket games for your Android / Windows smartphone or tablet. All the games mentioned in the list are completely free to download and play. So here it goes.

Available on both the Google Play Store and the Windows Phone app store for free, this game lets you play against the best international cricket teams in the world. The game offers three game modes – tournament mode, super over mode and scenario mode. In tournament mode you can win three different trophies. In Super Over mode, you can choose 3, 5 or 10 over games to play. In the scenario mode, you can relive 30 famous and historic cricket matches and win them in tough conditions.

Cricket Unlimited or CU guides new batting techniques even in slow motion so you get the feel of hitting the six. Enjoy dynamic graphics that will blow you away, and amazingly optimized controls that make it easy for everyone to play.

With 15 rounds of matches, CU gives you stunning camera angles to show off your batting power, by hitting 24 different shots including helicopters, reverse sweeps and shots and encountering a plethora of bowlers to challenge you.

Cricket League Apk For Android Download

Named “Cricket 3D” on the Android Play Store and “Cricket 3D World Street Challenge” on the Windows Mobile Store, the game lets you play cricket through 80 different levels, with each level having its own objectives to achieve by swipe and throw the ball. The game has Swing and throws the ball in the right direction and more.

Friends. The game offers 5-over play in a similar canyon-like environment. Each team will have five players. The batsmen are predefined, but you can choose your bowlers from the available players. After completing one game, you can start another. In this game you can run singles, hit over the building to score 2 runs and score singles by hitting the wall.

Named after the greatest cricket icon in history Sachin Tendulkar, the game lets you play against 15 cricket teams from around the world. Use your batting skills to smash super sixes and boundaries. Face the toughest opponents to win 3 challenging T20 cricket tournaments! Play this game on your mobile while watching India-Australia series and World Cup 2015. The game lets you play against popular international T20 cricket teams like Australia, England, Pakistan and South Africa and more. It also allows you to play most popular cricket apps and win 3 challenging trophies.

Cricket Games For Android

Cricket Play 3D retains all the excitement, thrill and power-packed action of a real cricket game and offers different cricket shots and real-time vibration feedback. Play only with the best cricket teams in the world – India, Australia, England, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, West Indies and Bangladesh. The game also offers different formats of cricket including 50-50, 20-20 and quick matches.

Best Multiplayer Cricket Games For Android

Known as Indian rural cricket, Gilli Danda is a recreational game whose rules are similar to cricket and baseball. A ‘Gilli’ which is a short wooden stick is hit by another long wooden stick called ‘Danda’. Hit various objects on the way of ‘Gilli’ to score points. Clear each level to be the super master of Gilli Danda game.

The game lacks the adrenaline-pumping excitement of playing a real international cricket match, but retains the simplicity and bliss of the Indian countryside. The game offers 10 levels, a beautiful environment, physics engine-based gameplay, different scoring objects and blocks.

Fans around the world. Unlike other serious cricket games, this lets you play cricket with a combination of Rajnikant’s super powers. The app allows you to play a fast, engaging and engaging game where you can choose between 1, 3 and 5 wicket games! Use your cricket bat to smash boundaries and sixes and just wait till you see what extra punch The Great Rajnikant throws in when he turns the ball.

One of the best real life cricket game which offers numerous game modes, plethora of players, authentic cricket equipment, wide variety of bowling and batting styles. Real Cricket 2014 offers various modes, exhibition, tournaments like T20 World Cup, Masters Cup and Knockout Cup. Polish your skills in Nets. The game also offers a lively interface with gorgeous graphics. Unfortunately, this game is not available until today in the Windows Mobile App Store.

Online Cricket Games For Mobile

Another Cricket game with HD graphics, 3D players and stadium. The game features 14 teams, 6 stadiums and 3 difficulty settings to choose from. Apart from the popular game formats, it also retains the classic Test cricket format where you can choose between 9, 12, 15 overs per day, with Test match rules like the options to ‘Explain’. The Cricket World Cup Fever also has a multiplayer cricket game called IPL Cricket Fever 2013. Sports games are always loved and enjoyed by people all over. So many sports and so many games to choose from. Be it football, cricket, basketball, golf and even wrestling. Most sports games have new releases every year. SOMETIMES it may seem like there is hardly anything new in the latest versions and sometimes there may be changes. Sometimes some games just never get to see the lights of a new updated version. One sport, in particular, is Cricket.

Earlier, there were many cricket matches enjoyed by people from India, England and Australia. One of the best cricket game on PC is Cricket 19. Cricket 19 was developed by Big Ant Studios and released in 2019. The game can be played on Steam as well as Play Station 4.

Now let’s take a look at 10 other matches of Cricket 19 from various platforms including Android, iOS and PC.

Cricket Games For Android

This is one game that has gained so much popularity for so many reasons. Yes of course it is a cricket game, but the iconic soundtrack of the game was the main reason why everyone feels nostalgic about this game. Yes, there were other EA Cricket games from 2006 and 2005, but this one holds a special place in everyone’s hearts.

New Cricket Games For Android, Download New Cricket Games To Your Mobile Phone

The 2007 edition of EA Cricket brought about a lot of changes in its series. From new and better camera angles, better textures and most importantly of all new batting style options. This made the game even better. Well yes of course the player names were a bit silly, but it was done for a reason. One of the highest rated cricket game ever. If you haven’t played it, now is the time to give it a try, although it might be hard to get hold of an original copy of the game.

Here is a mobile game that is actually fun to play. World Cricket Championship 2 has a lot of features, tournaments and game modes. One of the best games in the WCX series. You get to play offline and online games not only with the AI, but also with your local and online friends. The game is always updated with the latest content. Graphically, it’s pretty good for mobile gaming and has a strong player base.

You can choose between classic and pro controls and even choose from various camera angles from the batsman’s and bowler’s perspective. The game was launched in 2011 by Nextwave multimedia and can be downloaded for free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The game has ads and contains in-app purchases. It is one of the best Cricket 19 alternatives for Android and iOS users.

This is a wonderful cricket game that was first released on the console and later on the PC, but it was released in the second half of 2016. The game was released at a time when there were hardly any cricket games, considering that the major game developers did not want to develop a game that would cater to only a few countries around the world. The controls were what caused problems for many as you would be pressing a lot of buttons just to get your bowling right.

Best Mobile Phone Cricket Games Free Download

However, if you have mastered the controls, it wouldn’t matter much to you. The only downside to the game is its graphics which aren’t very good considering it was released in 2016. You can play the game on PC by purchasing on Steam for