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Cricket Bat Png

Cricket Bat Png

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Cricket is a bat and ball game played between two teams of eleven players on a field centered on a 20 meters (22 yd) field with a wicket at each end, each consisting of two bales balanced on three poles. . The batting side scores by hitting the bowled ball at the wicket with the bat, while the bowling and fielding side tries to avoid this and dismiss each player (so that they are “out”). . Means of dismissal include throwing, when the ball hits the stumps and removing bales, and on the side of the field, catching the ball after it has been hit by the bat but before it hits the ground. When ten players are dismissed, the turn ends and the teams share roles. The game is judged by two referees, assisted by a third referee and game referee in international matches. They communicate with two off-field scorers who record the statistical information of the match.

There are various formats ranging from Twenty20, played over a few hours with each team batting for an innings of 20 overs, to Test matches, played over five days with unlimited overs and teams batting for two innings each. Traditionally, cricketers play in an all-white kit, but in limited-edition cricket, they wear club or team colours. In addition to the basic kit, some players wear protective gear to prevent injury from the ball, which is a hard, solid sphere made of compacted leather with a slightly raised seam surrounding a cork core covered in tightly twisted cords.

Historically, cricket’s origins are uncertain and the first definitive reference is to south east England in the mid-16th century. It spread globally with the expansion of the British Empire, leading to the first international matches in the second half of the 19th century. game is the International Cricket Council (ICC), which has over 100 members, twelve of which are full members who play test matches. The rules of the game are contained in a code called the Laws of Cricket, which is owned and maintained by the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) in London. The sport is mainly followed in the Indian subcontinent, Australasia, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa and the West Indies, its globalization occurred during the expansion of the British Empire and remains popular in the 21st century.[1] Women’s cricket, which is organized and played separately, has also reached an international standard. The most successful team playing international cricket is Australia, which has won seven One Day International trophies, including five World Cups, more than any other country and has been the best Test team more than any other country.

In cricket, the rules of the game are specified in a code called The Laws of Cricket (hereinafter referred to as “the Laws”), which has a global mandate. There are 42 Laws (always written with a capital “L”). The first known version of the code was drawn up in 1744, and from 1788 it was owned and maintained by its guardian, the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) in London.

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Cricket is a bat and ball game played on a cricket pitch (see image at right) between two teams of eleven players each. The field is usually circular or oval in shape and the edge of the playing area is marked by a boundary, which may be a fence, part of the stands, a rope, a painted line or a combination thereof; the boundary should, if possible, be marked along its entire length.

At approximately the center of the field is a rectangular field (see image below) with a wooden target called a wicket at each end; wickets are placed 22 yards (20 m) apart. The pitch is a flat surface 3 meters (9.8 ft) wide, with very short grass which tends to wear down as the game progresses (cricket can also be played on artificial surfaces, particularly rugs). Each wicket is made of three wooden stumps topped by two bales.

The essence of the sport is that a bowler delivers (i.e. pitches) the ball from one end of the pitch to the batsman who, armed with a bat, is “on strike” at the other end (see subsection below: Basic Gameplay) .

Cricket Bat Png

The bat is made of wood, usually salix alba (white willow), and is shaped like a blade covered by a cylindrical handle. The blade must not be more than four and a quarter inches (108 mm) wide and the total length of the staff must not exceed 38 inches (965 mm). There is no weight standard, which is usually between 2 lb 7 oz and 3 lb (1.1 and 1.4 kg).

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The ball is a leather-stitched hard spheroid with a circumference of 22.9 centimeters (9.0 in). The ball has “stitching”: six rows of stitches that attach the ball’s leather shell to the string and to the inside of the cork. The stitching on a new ball is prominent and helps the bowler push the ball less predictably. During matches, the quality of the ball deteriorates to the point that it can no longer be used, and during this deterioration its behavior in flight changes and can influence the outcome of the match. Players, therefore, try to modify the behavior of the ball by modifying its physical properties. Polishing the ball and wetting it with sweat or saliva is legal, even when the polishing is deliberately done on one side just to increase the ball’s bounce in the air, but acts of rubbing other substances on the ball, scratching the surface, or tampering with the stitching is illegal ball tampering.