Chail Cricket Ground – Cricket is the favorite sport of people all over the world. They are crazy after watching cricket and its stadiums. Today here you will know about the highest cricket stadium in the world. It is located in Himachal, India. The famous and top cricket ground is located in Chail of Solan district of India. It is located at an altitude of 8018 feet.

People usually say that the origin of cricket is in the south of England during the medieval period. Children play this game. However, by the 17th century, this game had gained popularity among adults and remained a recreational game until the 18th century. From that time onwards, cricket became the national sport of England and was played all over the world.

Chail Cricket Ground

Chail Cricket Ground

Indians feel very proud to listen to the sport of cricket because of the world’s highest cricket ground like Chail Cricket Ground. Chail Cricket Ground was established in Chail, Himachal Pradesh by the Maharaja of Patilla, Bhupinder Singh, in the year 1893.

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The highest cricket ground is 2,444 meters above sea level. It is about 30 miles from Shimla, the state capital.

The dense deodar forest surrounds this land. Even today, Shail is known as a mountaineer’s paradise. This is why people call it the highest cricket ground in the world.

There is woodland around the field and today it is also used as a playground for children from Chail Military School. When it’s time to relax, the field is the perfect place for a game of polo. It also has a well-maintained soccer field and basketball court.

In 1893, Bhupinder Singh built the highest cricket ground. It was the Maharaja of Patiala. Also, once Chail was recognized as the summer capital of Patiala when Maharaja Bhupinder was denied entry to the city of Shimla. This was the reason why the Maharaja built a temple, palace, house and cricket ground in Chail. Most of the buildings are associated with the stories of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh.

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Bhupinder Singh was a huge fan of the sport of cricket. Thus Chail was added as the new capital for the summer. The Maharaja organized and sponsored many sports as the ruler of his time. This domain is also released to people for local games. The highest cricket pitch used to be a source of entertainment for the people.

After the accession of the Maharaja, most of its capital and buildings were given over to the Chail Military School and also to the highest cricket ground in India. Now, if you wish to practice or play any sport on this field, you must first obtain permission from the heads of this school.

Being under the authority of a military school, you cannot enter a country without admission. They have made a suitable enclosure around this land and closed all the ways but open to the schoolboys. There is no parking for park visitors.

Chail Cricket Ground

Polo lovers look forward to summer vacations the most, as this country offers them a great platform to indulge their love for polo.

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Holiday all year round This area is used as a playground for school children. The highest cricket ground also has goalposts, which makes it suitable for football fans as well. In one of its corners, a military school was erected on a historical tree. Looks like a nice tree house.

However, you can quickly get to this place by driving your car to the stadium. It is located on the same mountain as the Sid Temple. This temple is just 1 km away from the longest cricket ground. However, people don’t spend much of their time in this area unless they want to exercise. It is an empty plot of land that needs proper renovation. But still people are curious to visit this place as it is rated as the highest cricket ground in the world.

Now, this land is owned by the Military School Shail. Today it is a school stadium, and they don’t even host many big games. It is all because of the condition of this cricket ground that cannot host any important matches. This area needs a serious revamp as it is still under development.

For international matches, this field is not suitable today. Hence, Test players use the highest cricket pitch these days for training. For this they have to obtain permission from the Shell Military School. Also, people play basketball, polo and football matches in this area.

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There are no specifications for visiting this country. The weather is always good to you. However, people believe that it is better to visit from April to June as it shows a pleasant and windy climate. The average temperature during that period is 20 degrees. Winters are usually cold and the temperature during that time stays between 1 and 2 degrees.

As the land is in need of a proper renovation, the future is at great risk. However, the district cricket association has acquired 8 acres of land to build a new cricket ground in Himachal Pradesh. This site is about 10,000 feet above sea level.

If the plan came into existence and a new cricket stadium was built, it would surely surpass the name of the current highest cricket ground in the world. According to the original plan, the new stadium would meet the goal of a large stadium. It will follow the design of Dharmshala’s largest cricket stadium.

Chail Cricket Ground

Dharamshala Stadium is the home stadium for many players in India, especially those based in Dharamshala. However, construction of the new ground is still pending as they are seeking good funds for this project. Indians are totally cricket fanatics. Now there is another reason to go into the game again, as India has the highest cricket ground in the world. Located in the picturesque Chail ranges of Himachal Pradesh, this beautiful land of Chail is spread over three hills (Pandhawa, Rajgarh, and Sid Thiba) and is very popular for recreational picnics and short treks.

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Indians are totally cricket fanatics. Now there is another reason to go into the game again, as India has the highest cricket ground in the world. Located in the picturesque Chail ranges of Himachal Pradesh, this beautiful land of Chail is spread over three hills (Pandhawa, Rajgarh, and Sid Thiba) and is very popular for recreational picnics and short treks.

Chail Cricket Ground was built by Bhupinder Singh, Maharaja of Patiala after Lord Kitchener banned him from entering Shimla and from there he established his summer capital at Chail. The land is built on a hill top level and is beautifully surrounded by pine and deodar trees. It was originally used by the Maharajas to play friendlies with the British, but is currently a military school ground.

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We often see pictures of stadiums and stadiums located at high altitudes with beautiful views. Most of these picturesque international stadiums are located in South America, given the geography of the continent and the love of football there.

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However, in recent years, in India – where sports infrastructure has never been at its highest level – there have been a number of completed projects to improve sports facilities in rural areas. Take a look at some of the tallest stadiums in the country.

This stadium is nearing completion and has been in the news recently after several politicians tweeted about its connection with the Khelo India sports scheme. One look at it is enough to understand why everyone is looking forward to watching the matches and possibly playing in the tallest stadium in India.

Construction of this proposed stadium has not begun, but as it stands, a proposal for a 10,000-seat stadium has been given the go-ahead in the area. The Lahaul Spiti Cricket Association is leading the way with necessary financing and building initiatives. Once completed, it will be the tallest cricket ground in the world.

Chail Cricket Ground

One would want to ensure that their haul shots do not go over target in this very picturesque location. Hockey players would die to play here at this stadium

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