Best Cricket Game For Android – Cricket fever has gripped the Indian fans and the victory against arch-rivals Pakistan in their opening match of the ICC World Cup has made the fans more excited.

The joy of watching matches and listening to or reading expert commentary and articles is so overwhelming and addictive that people actually feel like they are playing the game. But given today’s busy life, it is not easy to find time to play.

Best Cricket Game For Android

Best Cricket Game For Android

For such fans, the best option is to play simulated games against the biggest names in the world. Imagine being at the crease with bowling superstars like Virat Kohli, Glenn Maxwell or AB De Villiers, and he’s cheering your every great shot with a high five.

Online Cricket Games For Mobile

If you are game for it, here are some awesome cricket games for your Android/Windows smartphone or tablet device. All the games mentioned in the list are absolutely free to download and play. So here goes.

Available on both Google Play Store and Windows Phone App Store for free, this game lets you play against the best international cricket teams in the world. The game has three game modes – tournament mode, super over mode and scenario mode. In tournament mode, you can earn three different trophies. In Super Over mode, you can choose 3, 5 or 10 matches to play. In Scenario mode, you can relive 30 famous and historic cricket matches and win them in tough situations.

Cricket Unlimited or CU maneuvers new batting techniques even in slow motion to get the feel of sixth strikes. Enjoy dynamic graphics that amaze you and amazing optimized controls that make playing easy for everyone.

With 15 rounds of matches, CU offers you amazing camera angles that show off your batting power, hit 24 different shots including chop, reverse spin and ball strike and come across a plethora of bowlers to challenge you.

Best Cricket Games To Play On Mobile Phones In 2022

Named as “Cricket 3D” on the Android Play Store and “Cricket 3D World Street Challenge” on the Windows Mobile Store, the game lets you play cricket in 80 different levels, with each level having its own objectives to reach by swiping and throwing a ball. . The game involves swinging and throwing the ball in the right direction and much more.

Friends The game features a 5-time match in a trench-like environment. Each team will have five players. The batsmen are predefined, but you can choose your bowlers from the available players. After finishing one game, you can start another. In this game you can hit singles, hit the building to score 2 runs and hit singles by hitting the wall.

Named after the greatest cricket icon ever Sachin Tendulkar, the game lets you play against 15 cricket teams from around the world. Use your batting skills to smash super sixes and boundaries. Take on the toughest opponents to win 3 challenging T20 cricket tournaments! Play this game on your mobile while watching India-Australia series and World Cup 2015 series. The game lets you play against famous international T20 cricket teams like Australia, England, Pakistan and South Africa and many more. It also allows you to play most popular cricket apps and earn 3 challenging trophies.

Best Cricket Game For Android

Retaining all the excitement, thrills and powerful action of the real cricket game, Cricket Play 3D features various cricket shots and real-time vibration feedback. Play only with the best cricket teams in the world – India, Australia, England, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, West Indies and Bangladesh. The game also has different cricket formats including 50-50, 20-20 and quick matches.

Best Mobile Cricket Games To Play In April 2023

Known as Indian rural cricket, Gili Danda is a recreational game where the rules are similar to cricket and baseball. The ‘Gilli’, which is a short wooden stick, is struck by another long stick known as the ‘Danda’. Hit different objects on the way of ‘Gilli’ to earn points. Clear each level to be the Super Champion of Gili Danda game.

The game lacks the adrenaline-pumping excitement of playing a real international cricket match, but retains the simplicity and happiness of the Indian countryside. The game features 10 levels, beautiful environment, physics engine based gameplay, various scoring items and blockers.

Fans around the world. Unlike other serious cricket games, this one lets you play cricket with Rajnikant’s superpower blend. The app allows you to play a fast, engaging and engaging game where you can choose between 1, 3 and 5 point matches! Use the cricket bat to smash the boundaries and sixes and just wait to see what extra punch the great Rajnikanth throws when he faces the ball.

One of the best real cricket games which has multiple game modes, multiplayer, authentic cricket gear, huge selection of bowling and batting styles. Real Cricket 2014 offers different modes, exhibitions, tournaments like T20 World Cup, Masters Cup and Knockout Cup. Polish your networking skills. The game also has a similar interface with impressive graphics. Unfortunately, this game is not yet available in the Windows Mobile App Store.

Cricket 22 To Release On November 25

Another cricket game with HD graphics, 3D players and stadium. The game features 14 teams, 6 stadiums and 3 difficulty modes to choose from. Apart from the popular game formats, it also retains the classic test cricket format where you can choose between 9, 12, 15 overs per day and the test match regulations are set as ‘Declares’ options. Cricket World Cup Fever also has a multiplayer cricket game called IPL Cricket Fever 2013. Cricket is one of the most followed games of the country. The game is spread on all continents. From Europe to Australia it has attracted many fans. In some countries, people even follow them religiously. Like, in India and Pakistan. With this in mind, we are going to talk about cricket games for mobile phones. Multiplayer cricket game for android is most popular. People who watch cricket love to play it too. Some play on the cricket field while some like to enjoy the games on their devices. Competition is another important factor when it comes to cricket. Competitors always seem hungry for triumph, be it playing on the cricket field or any other equipment. So I am going to quote a list of 12 best multiplayer games for Android.

Real Cricket™ is the most popular multiplayer cricket game nowadays. This game brings you an exciting cricket experience. And the good news is that Real Cricket is available for Android devices now. It is a real-time multiplayer game. You can play one on one. Along with this, you can join and compete with other teams and you can also play against the computer. This is the first time that all modes are present in a multiplayer game. We can also save and share our highlights. Ultra edge and snickometry are provided to review each decision. For the first time, the voice of the female commentator has been programmed into the game. So I will consider it as the best multiplayer cricket game for Android.

Big Bash Cricket is one of the most advanced multiplayer cricket games. The game features real-time graphics with realistic animations. The gameplay has also been improved. Big Bash Cricket is the official game of the Big Bash League. There is a multiplayer betting game that can be played with up to five players. There is a private and public mode. The game consists of 3 styles. Mini Super Over game, full BBL tournament and quick game. So it’s worth a try.

Best Cricket Game For Android

GCL is another great online multiplayer cricket game for Android. The most outstanding aspect of this game is its superb 3D graphics. Animations give you a realistic experience. There is a quick game mode that allows you to play the game for 2 players. Create a powerful team and challenge your friends for endless fun. It is the best wifi multiplayer cricket game for Android. There is also a player vs player style, which allows you to play the game with any player who is online at the moment. GCL is optimized for live events like IPL, BBL etc.

Real Cricket 22 Apk Download For Android Free

Stick Cricket is designed exclusively for multiplayer gameplay. Talking about the features, each player is given three overs to reach a stalemate in the field. You can face your rival’s bowlers and whoever scores more runs will win the game. There are several stadiums, such as those in Dubai and Dharamshala. To play with other players, you can use your Facebook account.

Battle of Chepauk 2 is a multiplayer game created by Nextwave Multimedia. The game is a product of the famous IPL cricket league team Chennai Super Kings. Battle of Chepauk 2 has been updated and a new version of the game has been introduced. There are some exciting features in the game. Like Super Chase, Super Slog, Super over and more. It is considered as the best offline multiplayer game for Android. Although, there is also an online version.

Cricket World Cup is very famous game in play store.