1983 Cricket World Cup Indian Team – Indian cricket has seen many ups and downs; As with any trip there were some amazing moments that they will cherish forever. Here at SportsRush we bring you a series of articles, ‘The Great Moments’ where you can relive the 10 greatest moments of Indian cricket. This article is about the famous World Cup of 1983 where India made the world famous.

Imagine Zimbabwe winning the World Cup 2015. Or rather imagine Zimbabwe beating Australia in the final to make it! No group is being ignored, but you can’t, right? This is what happened when India defeated West Indies in the final of the 1983 World Cup to win the trophy. It really came out of the mouth. The fans had no expectations of the group; In any case, they were few. It is difficult to imagine in the game of cricket these days. There was no Sachin or Virat. Even Kapil Dev’s name came after the World Cup.

1983 Cricket World Cup Indian Team

1983 Cricket World Cup Indian Team

The edition of the ICC Cricket World Cup is 8 nations competing for the glory. England and Wales played in the tournament from 9 June to 25 June 1983 with a total of 27 matches. It was still the era of traditional white clothes and 60’s games on both sides.

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Not only did India conquer the West Indies, but there were also other raids. Zimbabwe also managed to beat Australia in the group stage. The first round of the game was set up in doubles where two groups of four teams each were formed. After the first round, the top two teams from each group went to battle.

The steps are set for the favorites West Indies or England to win the World Cup. But what happened in the end was more than anyone expected. It became a defining moment in Indian cricket.

In the semi-finals, India faced England, who won the toss and elected to bat. The English batting looked inconsistent on the day and some solid fielding combined with some slow batting reduced the total to 213 off 60 balls.

Kapil Dev took 3 wickets while Mohinder Amaranth and Roger Binny took 2 wickets each. From the batting department, Sandeep Patil and Vishpal Sharma made fifties and took India home in 54.4 overs with 6 wickets in hand. The finalist’s victory in the previous edition was a huge boost to India’s campaign. Mohinder Amarnath became the tournament leader with his 46* along with two wickets.

Cricket World Cup

The semi-final four saw West Indies beat Pakistan decisively. West Indies chased down the target of 196 runs which they set in 48.4 overs with 8 wickets in hand. The man of the match came from the great Vi Richards who scored 80 runs to lead his team to victory. So it came down to India’s decline against the mighty Indies.

India lost the toss and were called to bat on a hostile Indian line-up. The likes of Roberts, Marshall, Joel Garner and Michael Holding tore apart the Indian batting, while only Mohinder Amarnath and Krishnamachari Srikanth showed resistance and India managed to reach 183; Kapil Dev while talking to his team said, “A team is not the money to win then it is the money to fight”.

What happened in the second inking is history. Some owe it to the overconfidence of the West Indies team but it was certainly skill; The skill shown by the Indian bowlers that day. It was more stressful than ever. Amarnath was once again the man of the hour and the match. He scored a vital 26 runs with figures of 3-12 (7 overs).

1983 Cricket World Cup Indian Team

So what? Who can forget the smile on Kapil Dev’s face after receiving the trophy? This was the smile of a man who had just finished his life’s work. The eleven players may not have realized it at the time, but everything that has happened in Indian cricket is because of one day, one match.

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Hey! I am a cricket fan and a surgeon. During my MBA studies I felt the urge to write my love and that is what makes me come here. Feel free to call me anytime. 🙂 The Indian team that won the Cricket World Cup 1983. (Seated – from left) Dilip Vangsarkar, Syed Kirmani, Kapil Dev (Captain), Mohinder Amarnath (Vice-Captain), Sunil Gavaskar and Madal Lal; (Standing – from left) PR Man Singh (Director), Ishpal Sharma, Krishnamachari Srikanth, Balvinder Sandhu, Ravi Shastri, Sandeep Patil, Roger Binny, Kirti Azad and Sunil Valson | super

He remembers many things. They may forget a few like the adults do but on June 25 they come and they all go back to this gentleman’s porch.

They are ‘Kapil’s devils’, who stopped the world on Saturday night, which remained young forever.

36 seasons have passed, and Kapil Dev’s smile with the Prudential Trophy remains an iconic moment in Indian cricket. It refuses to go away. You can watch it on TV every four years. On YouTube you can get used to repeats often.

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If the quiet evening at Lord’s wasn’t there, India won’t be sure if they had a “star” April night at Wankhede 28 a summer later.

Sunil Gavaskar needed Sachin Tendulkar, without Kapil Dev, Mahendra Singh Dhoni might not exist and Krishnamachari Srikkanth might have been a mini prototype of Virender Sehwag. Another generation took cricket and made it their passion because of this bowl.

Don’t forget, the surround sound is there which also looks good for Lord legend.

1983 Cricket World Cup Indian Team

Recently, Kapil, in an online show, said that he doesn’t remember much of what happened during the World Cup. It’s certainly possible for the 60-year-old, who has had a lot of crazy things in his illustrious career.

World Cup 1983: Kapil Dev’s Team India Lifted The Trophy 36 years ago Today

“How can I forget the biggest achievement of my cricket career? It is in my muscle memory,” said Lal, who took the wicket of Vivian Richards.

“You remember a lot of things. Kapil’s knock at Tunbridge Wells, beating West Indies in the first World Cup, Kirti (Azad’s) shot at Ian Botham, getting Australia’s good at Chelmsford and then the final,” Lal recalled.

In a recent appearance on OTT platform VIU, Srikkanth recalled how he had planned an extended holiday in the US, as he was certain that India would not qualify for the semi-finals.

“I was 23 years old, newly married and my wife was only 18 years old. We got married two months ago and we are planning a honeymoon in the United States. We actually bought Air India tickets worth Rs 10,000 from London to New York,” said Srikanth.

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The 2011 team received Rs 2 crore each for winning the World Cup from the rich body BCCI, but the 1983 team was not so lucky.

“Lata Mangeshkar gave us a concert at the National Stadium and from the proceeds we got 1 lakh each. Believe me, I didn’t even have my own house, not even a car. I had a motorbike then and played in India for nine years,” he laughed.

“Yes, today I am an expert on the national track and that helps. But yes, our success meant a lot and the next generation harvested cattle, which makes me happy,” said Lal, who was also the head coach. who chooses the part of the world.

1983 Cricket World Cup Indian Team

“Malcolm (Marshall) ke saath toh mera ek deal thaa. Woh aa ke hi mujhein ek bouncer data thaa (I had a deal with Malcolm Marshall. He comes to shoot dangerous),” Yishpal Sharma continued to laugh as he honored a. few writers in -Feroz Shah Kotla for local sports.

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For Sunil Valson, it was an endless wait and he became the eighth hopeful question: “Who is the cricketer who did not play a single match in the 1983 World Cup?” There are no clues as to who they were.

“Kapil, Madden and Roger played so well that I knew it was difficult to get a chance. To be honest one game with the West Indies at the Oval, I would have played but the way Roger ran in the fitness test, I just sat. but don’t worry,” Valson recalled Recently contacted.

Like family WhatsApp groups, group 83 also has a group although they don’t say who the group moderator is. Everyone sends messages and reminisces about that glorious evening.

It was their story and they may be old but the story is timeless. It is an epic and an upcoming Bollywood movie. I just remember that day brightly. A Sony Trinitron video camera encased in a heavy wooden box, Dad’s friend with my father’s moustache, Mukulesh in a Bush shirt, his humble wife Shubha, our new home in Bombay.

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